Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Name Basis

Just caught a few minutes of Mike talking about "Tom." In case you are wondering who that is, it would be Mr. Brady. And it just occurred to me that there is no greater sign of respect from Francesa than when he refers to you on a first name basis. Consider the following examples:

- Tom (Brady)
- Bernie (Williams)
- Joe (Torre)
- Mariano (Rivera)
- Tino (Martinez)
- Manny (Ramirez)
- Omar (Minaya)
- Eli (Manning)

Conversely, consider these people for whom Mike doesn't quite adore and how he refers to them:

- Wright (David)
- Reyes (Jose)
- Delgado (Carlos)
- Manuel (Jerry)
- Dog (Chris Russo)
- Ortiz (David)
- Lee (David)
- Robinson (Nate)
- Girardi (Joe)

These are just a few examples. Now I know what you are thinking - what about the JDYB factor? That would be the Jeter-Duncan-Youkilis-Brosius factor: 4 guys Mike has the ultimate respect for, but refers to the by their last names. Just chalk this up to the margin of error that you would see in statistical polling...what does this all mean? Nothing really but it just seemed like time for a new post....


First Time, Long Time said...

baba booey call...that totally caught mike off guard...

Whatdoyouhave? said...

And everyone else heard the one after that right? All the guy said was "Mike I wanna slap your butt cheeks" and Mike was all adamant that wouldn't make the air but I heard it listening over wfan.com

AwesomeSean said...

You forgot, "Andy"

First Time, Long Time said...

sean...great call. how could i forget that one...and on YES, they cut that comment off..

Whatdoyouhave? said...

One that he hates: Shockey

gman26 said...

Corollary to Shockey...Strahan. Could you ever see him talking about Strahan and saying, "Mike is better than Gastineau."

Where does Mr. T fit?

Lucky777 said...

LOL...I was thinking of "Mr.T" while reading that whole post.
I'd really like to introduce Mike to the real Mr. T!

Anonymous said...

anyone know the new website where a bunch of the guys who left mf.com formed ??

gabagool said...

His "I love Mike" tattoo certainly isn't referring Strahan and it has nothing to do with Jordan.

Arthur said...

Anon, they don't make it easy to find it, with a URL like that:


Fanarooni said...

Couple more:

Phil (Simms)
Phil (Mickelson)
Freddie (Couples)

But then again, he loves Nantz and never calls him "Jim".

gman26 said...

Now that he and Parcells have had a falling out, will he call him Bill? Or did he ever?

Raissman(when he says this name, it sounds almost like an expletive)