Monday, May 18, 2009


I am still tired of Mike, but today's open forces me to give him some props. I mean you gotta hand it to him. It's not like he praised the Mets and Yankees and said they had no problems after they both won weekend series. No, this guy opened up his radio show, in the middle of the studio with a loaded, nickel-plated can of whoop ass. I'll get off the paraphrasing of Lt. Caffee after hearing of Markinson's death. But this is why we love/hate Mike Francesa so much. His lies, his exaggerations, his hypocrisy, his accuracy, his negativity, his arrogance, his nastiness. All of these traits are below in excerpted clips from the first two segments of the show:

-"No wonder Steve Phillips never won here." - You mean besides the World Series trip? Granted, Phillips' suggestion to trade Beltran was absurd, but he was the GM during one of their most successful periods.
-"What I want answered is why Reyes didn't pinch hit?" Well, Mike. You can ask Jerry Manuel that same question when he's on with you during his weekly spot. Now, I seem to remember Mike saying that Manuel might not be on this week because of the road trip. Even so, if this is such a burning question, then it can wait a week.
-"He doesn't like Castro. He doesn't like Church." Another excellent opportunity for Mike to ask the Met manager about his hate for his two players.
-"Morgan parachutes in here." - Joe Morgan is definitely old-school, but not to that extent.
-"You pinch hit Murphy with a Minor leaguer!" - Ok. So maybe Pagan is a bit of a Quadruple AAA player, but he has played in 181 Major League games over three years, so it's not his first trip around the block.
-"The Mets have sold Murphy like crazy" and "they have canonized him." Below the various definitions for canonize. I don't see anything below that fits that definition in regards to the hype around Daniel Murphy. I have a feeling Gregg Jeffries wins that award.
  1. To declare (a deceased person) to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such.
  2. To include in the biblical canon.
  3. To include in a literary canon.
  4. To approve as being within canon law.
  5. To treat as sacred; glorify.


Anonymous said...

This blog is so fucking dumb. Why don't you just become a lame Mets blog?

This blog is the equivalent of that clown who just called in: "Duh!-Duh!-but what about Phil Hughes!, Duh, uh, 2004!!, DUH, A-Roid!!"

I mean, shit, even the die hard Mets fans are killing the Pagan-for-Murphy move, but not here. This blog is the one crank who calls in and makes a Mets conversation about the Yankees. Or more specifically, makes a Mets conversation about the paranoid inferiority complex that some Mets feel in the shadow of the Bronx.

First Time, Long Time said...

Loki...did you revert back to your pre-Loki status? If not, I think you need to take Anon aside and show him the light.

Mike "the mets fan doesn't want to see highlights of the game on the postgame show" Umm Mike, I think there might be a few fans that missed the game and don't mind some highlights..

DF said...

gman26 said...

DF - is that domain available? never mind. I'm going to snatch it up right now.

DF said...

I just got this internet radio thing on my phone. I can now listen to the FAN.

Imagine my surprise when a majority of the calls focused on horses. I understand the Preakness and leg of the triple crown-blah, but that sport is deader than hockey. I know Mike likes the ponies, but hopefully that was a Preakness related occurance. I feel sorry if the horse-banter gets rolled out on a frequent basis.

And the callers who call in dropping the trackside "in the know" lingo were unbearable. Those losers are never too far away from giving wristies on 10th avenue.

gabagool said...

Couple things.

The first anony is right. If the slob is talking crap about a met, what the hell is bringing up a pathetic Phil hughes prove? Besides that Mets fans have a complex (understandably) about the Yanks. (Though MIke being a Yanks fan is a lot to take.)

The second thing, is the walking calorie ACTUALLY ragging at someone about "DOING THEIR HOMEWORK". This slob hasn't done his homework in years. Thats why he uses the excuse about stats not being important. ANd the stats he DOES use are ALWAYS wrong.

ANd lastly, here we go with another man cruch. A 3d JM poster hanging in his room. First Youk was the best player in the league, then someone else, I forgot who, and now Maeur (sp)

Its obvious this POS can't talk about the Mets without bias. For that he should lose his job. Actually, he should lose his job because of his hairdo. Or his glasses, or how he breathes, or sits or..............anything.

gabagool said...

But it CLEARLY bugged the fat bastard that Mets fans liked Murphy. For no other reason that he wasn't a Yankee. The Mets liked him, he obviously is a good hitter and that pissed the human zip code off. Mike wants NO HAPPINESS from Mets fans. Listen to this porker. THe only time he will do a POSITIVE SHOW (not just an isolated postive remark) is when the Mets are down and the fans are calling for their heads. THEN Mr. Mike comes arunning, to show listeners that he bases his opinions on INTELLECT, not emotion.
Like when he wanted to do MAJOR reconstruction of the Yanks after 10 games. Fuck you Mike.

Loki said...

First Time, Long Time: I will forever be Loki, I can never change ever since Gman baptized me with the name. And plus, I could care less about the fucking Mets, so I would never rant about them like that.

First Time, Long Time said...

last week in mike's yanks their season was on the brink - today they just need "a little health and a bit of piching" and they'll be okay. does mike recall his state of mind a week ago?

AwesomeSean said...

Personally, I love Mike's "man crushes". They're so fleeting and passionate. One of these days we should put together Mike's All Crush Team.

I can't blame him for last night's crew. Joe Morgan has long been clueless and it's nice that Mike has finally noticed. Phillips is beyond bad and while I understand the trips to the playoffs and the WS appearance he clearly is not a top flight evaluator of anything. I mentioned last week his absurd take on Beltran and he busted it out again last night. Not a lick of it made sense.

I don't see how you can classify this blog as dumb and boring? Haven't you seen the racist comments? I think it's topical and cutting edge!

DF said...

Do you think Francesa is familiar with Coughlin's Law?

Bury the Mets. They stink up the joint.

Loki said...

Suspiciously quiet around here for the "unofficial mets blog"