Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm subbing out Col. Jessup with Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction to give us some thoughts on ARod's press conference:

I think you're gonna find -- when
all this shit is over and done -- I
think you're gonna find yourself
one smilin' motherfucker. Thing is
Alex, right now you got ability.
But painful as it may be, ability
don't last. Now that's a hard
motherfuckin' fact of life, but
it's a fact of life your ass is
gonna hafta git realistic about.
This business is filled to the brim
with unrealistic motherfuckers who
thought their ass aged like wine.
Besides, even if you went all the
way, what would you be? Home run King
of the world. Who gives a shit?
I doubt you can even
get a credit card based on that.

I'm prepared to scour the earth for
this motherfucker. If Alex's cousin goes
to Indo China, I want Selena Roberts
hidin' in a bowl of rice, ready to
pop a cap in his ass.


Jason said...

if arod took roids for three years straight, he must have no testicles left. he didnt cycle?

gman26 said...

Jon Heyman just took a stand on something finally. And it's against Lenny Dykstra.

He just called him a fraud, a roid user and a criminal. Besides that, he's ok with him.

KBilly said...

Playing solitiare till dawn
With a deck of 51
Smoking cigaretts and
Watching Capitain Kangaroo
Counting flowers on the wall
It don't bother me at all...

KBilly said...

American Hero Mike Francesa says he would have "torn the tent down" if they hadn't let him ask follow up questions of Alex Rodriguez. Or maybe he could have just leaned on it.

Anonymous said...

you missed another classic mike today....i'll give u the run down...see if anyone talked about it....

after the a-rod conference mike has his 10 min. solo or whatever....

then he starts taking calls...

so a caller comes on, and he's making his point, and somehow the question of age came up, and the caller was adament that a-rod is 34, and in 2003 was like 27.....

mike got all aggrivated and is like, im telling you he wasnt he was 23 or 24, there's no way he was 27 ...like going off and giving the caller tons of attitude...he was like 'so what your telling me a-rod is 34 now ?! c'mon get off the phone, he's only 31...there's no way he's 34 get your facts straight before you call blah blah!"

then after he hangs up on the caller, he talks to one of his producers, and is like what are you guys patching through here, no one here knows their facts blah blah....

so as he's taking other calls, i check the internet real quick and sure enough a-rod was born in 1975, making him 34 this year and he would have been 27-28 in 2003, which meant the caller was right....i was ITCHING to call the station....

so then a couple callers later, another caller comes on and before he made his point he goes to mike, hey mike a-rod is 33 now, so mike's response is "yea whatever 33, 32, 31...couple years whatever"....LOL what a FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!! he didnt want to admit he was wrong and that the first caller was right!!! oh my god....

i just realized why i listen to mike, its like watching a car wreck, its sooooo embarassing for him, and its like the hatred is so much you almost have to watch!

AwesomeSean said...

Anon...I heard that initial exchange and then heard the follow-up info confirming the callers info. If I remember, though, it was yet another idiot caller making another idiot "point". I am glad he was right about that but I do remember the rest of his call was less than intelligent.

Seriously, these callers are getting worse. I haven't heard any M from Montclair calls lately. How has the "Douche of Jersey" been these days? Has be graduated from CSB yet?

ondy said...

Anyone listening to Dog today? He's really banging on the "Met fans don't want Piazza on the list" gong today.