Friday, February 6, 2009

Mike and His Chums, Hand Gestures and Some other Nonsense

Been a little quiet on this blog lately.  Let's see if we can get some chatter going.

I didn't get to hear all of Mike and Dog's interviews with Torre.  From what I can glean, they were both unspectacular.  Would you guys give them both a "C" grade?  If not, who outperformed the other and why?  

I saw a little of Mike on Yes the other day.  What is the deal with the constant gesturing?  Is he telling someone where to drop his wings and mozz stix?  Who is beckoning?  Why can't he wait for the break?  What's going on here?

I heard him the other day buddying up to his crew.  Ack and Eddie Erickson and someone else.  Taking himself down a few notches.  Love it when Mike becomes one of the people.  Refreshing and truly down to earth.  That's Mike F. in a nutshell.  Seriously, do you think he acknowledges these people outside of the context of his show?  I can see something like this:

Minko:  Mike, did you see LeBron last night?
Mike:  Who'd they play?
Minko:  The Knicks.  At MSG.
Mike:  No one watches the NBA Mink.  I tried to watch them earlier this year but I couldn't find the game on TV.
Minko:  Well, LeBron had some night.  Triple double with over 50 points!  That's some night, huh?
Mike:  I don't care about the numbahs.  The numbah mean nothin' to me.  Did he play with heart?  Did he dive on the floor?  Did he set and screens that didn't show up in the box score.
Minko:  He had 11 assists and 10 rebounds Mike.  It was a game for the ages.
Mike:  Hand me that Daily Form.  I'll be in the my office.  Do me a favor, pull up Jetuh's sac bunts, per year, for his career for me.  That guy is all heart.

Mike is looking forward to Tenn v Florida this year.  Kiffin v Meyer.  Bloodbath, he says.  No word on whether Meyer will bust out the U-T/Humanitarian line.

Caller got through complaining about the morning show.  Mike actually, sorta, defended them.  He also kinda sorta said they were not as good as the Imus show and no one should expect them to be.  


Loki said...

Did not hear the Russo interview, but the Mike's interview was nothing to brag about. Nothing new was uncovered or discussed except for maybe Torre would have written the book if he was still managing the Yankees.

And by the way, last week had a spot on the NBA where he talked about the Magic, Lakers, Celtics, and Knicks. He said the Knicks are slowly becoming a genuinely good team, but still have a ways to develop in order to fight with the big dogs. He also said that he has been watching a ton of NBA lately, so can't really knock him on that.

AwesomeSean said...

Loki - I actually heard him say last week that he'd watched some Knicks this year. I just like how he made it seem like he was doing somebody or everybody a favor. Or, that the Knicks were finally watchable and that it's not his job to watch, report and opine a very important franchise.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a joke. Don't know how people listen to him.
Get sirius for dog. It's worth it!

gman26 said...

Anonymous - Are you Chris Russo or Steve Torre? "It's worth it!" is a little jingoistic.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Oh NO!!! It;s Southside

AwesomeSean said...

I don't know about Southside but I do know Leyland put forth a grade "A" performance. Humility, humor and honesty. Even the Big Fella couldn't muck that one up. Great listen. I'm tempted to take a drive up to CT tonight and see where Leyland will be at 3:00 AM.

jason said...

you gotta write about how jose canseco told the truth about arod, and how francesa WENT OFF about canseco when his book 'vilified' came out. talking about how juiced was semi-believable but now with vilified, canseco just needs to shut the hell up and bla bla bla. aynyone else remember that?

Loki said...