Friday, February 27, 2009

Can Someone Explain...

The point in going down to Mets spring training to do Met interviews for two days and yet Mike can't get the players to sit beside him for the interviews? I mean I tuned in right now and I get the graphic "On the phone: Johan Santana" - where exactly is he on the phone from? Downstairs in the clubhouse? Another room three doors down? How in the world is this the best that the "#1 ranked sports show in NY" can do? How can Mike'd Up not get ANY players to do the interviews with Francesa, instead of on the phone. It borders on ludicrous. In fact, if this is the case, why bother going to Port Saint Lucie? Why not just do your show from Astoria and get these same phone interviews? What has being on location in Florida actually achieved? This is a joke...


Loki said...

Yeah I just turned it on. Mike looks pretty upset...Can't blame Johan for not wanting to sit next to that piece of shit tough..

Loki said...

Hahaha K-rod is on the phone too! The entire Mets team hates Mike!

First Time, Long Time said...

it's been like that for 2 days. also, big news: mike is going to update the golf for us. thanks mike. we really need you at mets spring training to update the golf.

Also after teasing the possibilities of a wright and church interview all day yesterday, mike has made no mention of it today..

Loki said...

Caller just asked about Wright and he said to wait after the game was over and then we'll see..

KBilly said...

the point of heading down there is to prevent Dog from being on site at the Mets complex.

Anonymous said...


Loki said...

Did I just hear Mike say he will NOT be going to Yankee camp next week because two certain players are reluctant to join him?

Anonymous said...

Mike thinks David Wright is immature?????

Once again you are completely WRONG Mike-- If Wright was immature(but smart) he would walk up to Mike and punch him in the face!!!!

Mike is being immature by playing Met fan vs. Yankee fan way too much and not being an objective reporter.

Mike should have learned from Super Bowl week-- many athletes(that Mike earns his living reporting on) don't even want to speak with him.

Basically Mike went to Mets training camp--- to have Jim Calhoun on???

Good Job as usual Mike.


Anonymous said...

So Mike flies his crew down to PSL for a few days and does all the interviews on the phone?

LMAO.. what a poor effort. Do the show from the Tiki bar or stay in Astoria and freeze your ass off with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

any WHY does the fat fuck have sun glasses on when he is in the press room?

Pompous Ass

Im glad the callers are giving him a hard time

AwesomeSean said...

Just heard Mike for a few minutes. Making the whole Wright/Church thing about him, as usual. In this case, what he said was Wright was a story but Church was not. He must really not want any Mets on his show this year, at all. Weird that FAN would let him disparage "their" team like that. He literally said that Church was unimportant and not a story. Wow. I do think Wright should come on, however. I wish he'd bring some numbers with him too. My God, I'd love for someone to sit down with Mike, show him numbers that matter and teach him how to analyze a player reasonably. Mike thinks Beltran is a great player. Not because Beltran is a great player but because he had a badass playoffs with Houston. What a tool.

anthony said...


The "unimportant" comment about church is no surprise. Remember the interview with the Yankee pitcher who died in the plan crash? Because he wasn't a big cheese player Mike disrespected him HUGE with insulting , unneccesary remarks.

Funny with all his success, El Rotundo will forever remain an insecure, name dropping POS.

brian12566 said...

The players were afraid Mike would eat them.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to sit next to the fat bastard. Nobody likes him. Why is this a shock to people?

Ryan T. said...

Neil Best:

Mike Francesa says he and David Wright talked it out

Just when it seemed as if the world had become a dark, bitter, unfriendly place, a ray of sunshine appeared late Sunday night.

Mike Francesa announced on his Ch. 4 TV show that he and the Mets' David Wright had spoken for 45 minutes Friday after Francesa's radio show from Port St. Lucie and cleared the air regarding their recent feud.

Francesa said Wright agreed to come on his show again after declining to do so last week. I predicted when this all first blew up that Wright would be back on by mid-April, banking on Mike's detentes with others in the past, from Jim Calhoun to Tiki Barber.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Media figures and athletes getting along is bad for page views, but makes the world a kinder, gentler place.

Anonymous said...

I can picture it all as if I were there:

After Omar Minaya got all cozy with Mike late Friday afternoon he approaches Wright and tells him he needs to "make nice" with the "great fat one".

David goes up to the "second coming of Obama" bearing gifts of Turkey legs, Canolis, and a carvel sundae with sprinkles in a full size Yankee batting helmet.

David falls to a knee and kisses the FAT hand of Francesa begging for forgiveness while wearing a Derek Jeter Jersey.

Mike hesitantly accepts Wrights apology as long as David continues to submit to his on air abuse and appears on his show whenever the "Godfather of talk radio" asks.

Once again Mike gets his way like the spolied kid on the block with the parents that have more money than Donald Trump.

In all seriousness Athletes and Sports announcers need to co-exist as they both need each other to succeed, yet I would have loved to see Wright continue to boycott Mike while putting up some great numbers both during the season and the post season.

I'll look forward to Wrights first appearance with Mikey.


Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike trying to set records for repeated statements in his opening. Made the same statement about 9 times in the first 10 minutes about "its not a real event if you take out pitchers after a certain amount of pitches." I was also very interested to hear that Astoria has the worst snow management in NY

Jason said...

anyone know how the ratings have been for his show lately? i cant imagine them not having tanked, but then again, there are also a lot of mindless people in this world.

i lost some respect for d-wright for having made up with fatso. and for fatso to not care about church... now im pulling for church to have an mvp year (like he was having in april and may last year) so fatso can eat his words... no fat pun intended.

Anonymous said...

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