Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Great Day

...and I missed most of it!  The only part of Mike's show I heard yesterday, was the close.  I already wrote that I thought Mike handled it well (assuming the numbers, which I won't look up, bear out what he said).  Anyway, it was a "triangulation of crossfire" yesterday and it was awesome.  No matter which side you're on, this was good stuff.  

So, who was the big winner?  Who was the big loser?  How does 1050 fit into the equation?  If you need to refresh your memory, Neil Best was good enough to blog 4 different times yesterday.  
I don't know if Mike brought any of this up yesterday but Dunn and Abreu both signed yesterday.  I really don't care about Abreu since I didn't want him on the Mets but 1/5MM seems like a good signing for LAA.  I am disappointed that the NYM, however, couldn't find 2/20MM for a 40 HR, .900 OPS guy.  They're going to battle with essentially the same team, offensively, while their counterparts in the East have upgraded.

If Mike hit on these topics, what was his reaction?


Loki said...

I really think that 1050/Kay won't respond or acknowledge it on the air. Kay gave Best a quote yesterday saying they "take the high road."

But I will agree that yesterday was fun. Hopefully we get some sort of response out of Dog, but I'm pretty confident that Mike is done with his ranting. He let out most of the steam yesterday. I still can't get over how he stared down the YES camera and how they ended the show by zooming in on his face..hilarious

Rock said...

I asked Michael Kay of 1050 ESPN for a response to Mike Francesa's colorful trash talk regarding WFAN's rivalry with Kay's station (see post below).

There were time and space issues with getting it into the Thursday newspaper - something to do with an old quarterback who retired, I think - but I can share his response with you here and now:

"I'll take the high road. I'm very happy with my life and my standing and find no need to lash out at others.

"I leave that to those that are seemingly less content with what they've been blessed with."

1050WEPN MUCH closer to WFAN Since Chris Russo Left
As an aside - WFAN's ratings have stayed pretty stable - though WEPN has madehuge strides! And, PS, as far as the SIRI stock? Mike's CBS stock was at 18 dollars in August - Today? $5.88 cents - so any financial discussion is irrelevant. Mike should just shut the heck up about that. So, bullshit - WEPN has gotten MUCH closer since Dog left.

Fuck Mike.