Thursday, February 12, 2009


This from Neil's blog today:

Chris Russo is scheduled to be on David Letterman's show Thursday night, which has great potential to ruin another one of my evenings.

Anyway, for now I swear this is the only post I'm going to do about this today, but I figured I'd wait for the first caller to ask Russo about Wednesday's back-and-forth with Mike Francesa and share it with you.

The caller asked about Francesa's decision to move his Super Bowl show away from Radio Row the last week of January.

Said Russo: "Again, the bottom line is I don't care who you put on nine blocks away. You cannot put on me, you can't put Obama nine blocks away from Radio Row. You're not going to get guests. It's not Mike, per se, it's anybody, for goodness' sake. You can't do it. It's not going to work. Case closed."

So...the bigger news here is that Russo will be on Letterman tonight. We all know the firestorm that set off within Francesa last time as Letterman took a few jabs at the big man, without Russo defending him...So what will happen tonight? My guess is Letterman will most certainly bring up the controversy...Stay tuned...


gman26 said...

For those of you that missed it, here is the youtube of Mike's close yesterday.

Rock said...

Is Fatso's little stare down supposed to scare people? LOL

What a loser. Just show's his insecurities.

All he's doing is giving free publicity to Dog and espn radio.

Get over yourself fatboy. You wouldn't be in the #1 spot if it weren't for Dog helping you all those years.

Loki said...

Did anyone see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night? Looks like he has gone off the deep end..

gman26 said...

Give Joaquin some credit. He's outlived his brother, River. That should count for something.

Loki said...

That's no excuse. If anything, Joaquin should be motivated to lead as clean a life as possible because of how his brother ended his. Sad to see...

Loki said...

Appears as if Mike has been stood up by Pete Rose.

Anonymous said...

Neil Best has a good blog entry on Mad Dogs thoughts about being in competition with Fatso. I think Russos take on it is both accurate and honest.

My thoughts on Mikes feelings about competition are as follows:

Mike claimed many times throughout his show the other day how he is not in competition-- BULLSHIT Mike!
If not-- why such an outburst to close the show(including the infamous camera stare down) stating how he will always be number 1.

Mike choose not to broadcast from "radio row" super bowl week and it backfired and Mike is pissed about it. Russo did have more guests/did have Parcells/and for entertainment value he even had Bruce Springsteen--- Mike would be stupid for not being PISSED!

Joe Torre did his interview with Dog "on set".

All of the above (and I'm sure more) has Mike in an uproar and his tantrum the other day was just part of Mike reassuring Mike.

Mike treats his listeners as though we are lacking in both intelligence and common sense. Two weeks ago he told callers they were wrong for not liking the new jingle---"It will grow on us". The other day he handwaved a caller off saying it was obviously a "planted call". Hey Mike-- we're adults- let us have our own thoughts please!

I'm sick of Mike and his obnoxious ways, yet I continue to watch/listen in order to witness the breakdown unfold.


Rock said...


Again I agree 100%. Couldn't have said it better than myself. Although I refuse to listen to Mike anymore.
So you can keep me updated on his lunacy.

And for Mike to think he's not in competition is just ignorant.