Monday, February 9, 2009


I will admit to have not watched or listen to a single moment of the Diet Coke Diva in months but i turned on my tv and made the trip to the YES Network thinking perhaps Mike would bring some energy, some ooomph to this topic.. That did not happen.

What i got was my first listen at the new jingle, which considering that it took a shorter amount of time to record the SGT Pepper album is very disappointing...

Next up, Mike's take on the AROD situation had nothing to it. He had all weekend, he said he had been asked to appear but didn't. Who was asking him? No one knows. He had all weekend to come up with something unique, something fresh, to have some energy and really go hard at this one, but instead just came with the "not surprised" and that the union and selig have their legacies tarnished by this. Really Mike? Wow.

Come on, give me something Mike. I've decided to listen. I'll stay with you till 2pm. Come out the gate with the fact that the Yankees have to be shaking in their boots that they just didn't give another HUGE contract to a former Texas Ranger star.. come on!


Loki said...

It's 2:00. Anything exciting happen?

Jason said...

first time im listening to his show in months as well. lets just say, im not disappointed in being disappointed.

and today was the first time i heard his jingle. sounds like the SNL "macgruber" theme song mixed with some mighty morphin power rangers/tonka trucks commercial.

gman26 said...

At 2:57 pm, while Mike Francesa is ripping apart A-Rod's PEDs admission, Dog is stuck with David Stern. Oops.

Rock said...

First time I listened to Mike since end of Sept.
Awful jingle. Awful opening. I didn't last long. As soon as dog came on at 2 I left fatso...and prob for good.

Mike is just the most boring talks how host on right now......

gabagool said...


This is true as of now.

The Micheal Kay show is BLOWING the doors in. I'm not saying the ratings reflect it, but Kay's show just got expanded, and, I, must admit, its a better listen. People say he's a Yank's homer, but if THATS true, Mike is a Yanks BITCH.
Kay doesn't like Torre, has called him phoney for years and not its coming to pass. I think you get a truer pic from Kay.

But, boy are you right. BORING. And its ONLY because FAN picked a host with little or NO personality, and the little he has is wasted on condescending small talk with no research and living life on past achievements.

FAN comes in the best. I WANT a show I can listn to.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

"A-Rod gave himself a 10% leveraged position." - Mike today about A-Rod's interview. Huh? Is Mike trying to prove his worth as a finance expert again?

Rock said...


I agree 100%. I enjoy the Michael Kay show....more than most. I hope he passes fatso one day but I don't see it happening. Although I do hear ratings have gone up.

I just like Dog the most right now. Provides the most entertainment. He might not be the smartest of the bunch but I love his passion.

KBilly said...

Doggie beating up on ESPN producer over A-Roid interview. Getting a little testy. I can see this guy pulling a Bill Polian.

KBilly said...

NY Times: Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

Ryan T. said...

KBilly, you call Russo and mention the Polian thing? A caller just referenced that call on his show.

Loki said...

Did anyone notice the hypocrisy of Heyman today? Yesterday he wrote an article on on how much of a great job Alex did with the interview. Today he bashed him into the ground with every little question asked.

I have to agree with Kay though. Much better show.

gabagool said...

And people BUST Kay all the time, as a homer, etc. But his info is, for the most part, spot on.

This homer thing, I don't get it. He's no friend of Torre. I've heard him critisize Yanks.

And he gets on callers, but, I don't know, in a different way....kind of like two guys rag at each other, without one trying to show he's better, or smarter, or richer, or, or fatter. Mike just seems to connect OPINIONS with a "better than you" air. Maybe its because of all the BS stuff he's pulled in the past and now I feel it in everything he says.

Oh, and he know SHIT about steroids. Hey, Mike....there's something called an internet....ANd its NOT just for food porn. A little reading, come on! You said you read Torre's entire book during the commercial break and you don't know that HGH isn't steroids???? Geez.

Hey, great that you guys are helping with posts. You all write like professionals!!

Rock said...

NY Times: Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

Shit. That is awful news. Damn.

Let's hope the programming stays on somehow. Can you imagine if Dog gets axed already?


gabagool said...

If he did

There is proof that there is a God.