Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Q - "Was the plan to do this much media on this book?" What a softball, layup. Guess he's just trying to warm him up.
Q - "Are you surprised this book got this much reaction?" Torre claims he didn't realize that he was writing this 'kind of book'. Again with the innocent Joe act.
(Phone call forces me to interrupt my transcription)
Q - "You were pretty honest about some of these Yankees the last 10-12 years." Just like Mike, is wont to not ask a question. Just state something.
Q - "Was there anything that you read through, that you kind of wish you took back?" Torre says no, but the Cashman stuff was tough for him.

Multiple phone calls happened so I had to suspend this post. How did the interview turn out?


Loki said...

So far it sounds just like Mike's interview. Also, it's a lot harder to ask the tough questions when you are face to face with the person, as compared to on the phone..

gman26 said...

I disagree about asking tough questions in person. That's no real excuse.

KBilly said...

Dog went out of his way a few times to say the book was a must read for any baseball fan. And he trashed Hal, Hank and Cash.

KBilly said...

As for the tough Qs, I don't think Torre was ejected in 12 years as Yanks manager. I doube Dog could say anything that would get Torre riled up.

Loki said...

Well it's not an excuse, but what exactly do you want Russo to ask that qualifies a "hard-hitting"? So many questions have been answered with Torre's generic, vague responses. It will be VERY hard to get anything juicy out of him now, and honestly, I don't think there is much to get anyway.

Soma Boy said...

My hair hurts already!

Are we all that starved for sports gossip that these interviews even matter? To expect anything out of either Tank or Dog is silly. Torre and them rode the wave and they're all on the same beach. Pass the poi.

I'd ask Joe when he's getting enshrined into Cooperstown if he'll have Stick Michael or Kirk Radomski do the honors since one gave him a team to him and the other juiced it up. Cone admitted they were drying out in SEPT 2000 before the playoffs...

whoops, sorry...I'm not here to discuss the past...

Manny Please Come Home!
LGM, MRF 02.04

Anonymous said...

Many of the callers today seemed to enjoy Mikes interview with Mike Mussina and found him to be honest and believable, yet I have a few problems with the interview.

How can Mussina honestly say he saw no friction between A-Rod and Jeter after they both admitted to having a falling out and that there was some tension between them?

Also Mussina seemed to be "in the dark" regarding steroid use in the major leagues.

Although I thought it was a good interview I'm having some credibility issues with it. Either Mussina was'nt in the same clubhouse as the others and Torre or as I suppose Mussina was put on the air to do some "Yankee Damage Control".

Of course this is just IMHO.


Loki said...

Mike Mussina has no reason to lie. He is retired, very honest, and very smart.

AwesomeSean said...

I am disappointed to learn that Chris did no better than Mike. Maybe there's not that much there? Francesa alluded to as much today. The book is over 400 pages long and all the "juice" was revealed in the advance quotes. Still, Joe said some unkind things about active players while he was an active manager and that's frowned upon, I thought. He always struck me as a little too polished and it looks like that's the case. Vindictive and petty seem to suit him.

Go Mets!