Monday, February 23, 2009

My Relapse Story

So today was the first time in quite a while that I was able to listen to a good amount of Francesa on the Fan. I realized that in my couple month mini-hiatus from Francesa that it had done good things for me. No longer was I obsessed with yelling at a television screen or radio. No longer did I find myself dialing 718-937-6666 and hitting redial over and over again. No longer was I consumed with an arrogant man posturing about the sports world. But then there was today. I fell off the wagon.

For a good portion of the afternoon, I found myself addicted to Francesa. I wanted to blog about the show immediately. Mike opened with the Jim Calhoun press conference where the Uconn coach went off on a reporter questioning his salary. Mike backed Calhoun, but if you read between the lines, Mike was backing himself. He went on and on about how people who do well in this economy don’t want to talk or gloat about it. He was pretending to talk about Calhoun. Said good old Jimmy turned that program into everything that it is today and he’s worth double the money they pay him. But if you listened close enough, Mikey was really talking about himself. He was justifying his immense salary. Making it known that he put WFAN on the map. And that he is worth twice what they pay him. Now don’t get me wrong – Mike never said these things about himself. But he didn’t have to. It was pretty obvious.

But anyway, there were a few other instances in which I felt compelled to blog. But I began to feel like an old addict. I had managed to quit my drug – Francesa – but here I was, relapsing, completely consumed by the big man. So I forced myself to try and not blog. To let go of the addiction. By not blogging, I was not giving into the obsession. So I managed to make it through the show without a single post. Yes, this whole idea is somewhat contradictory to the very purpose of this blog. But after listening to hours of Francesa today for the first time in a long time, I realized that life is better off without him. I don’t need the Francesa fix anymore. Does that mean I won’t fall off the wagon again? Not at all. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you fell off the wagon FTLT! I was starting to wonder where everyone went.

I had my usual day with Mike watching him on YES- watched the open, continued to watch, channel surfed during the Ranger talk, went back to him, paid some attention and than lost interest.

I did'nt have the same thoughts as you on the Calhoun open but now that you mentioned it I can understand that Mike was probably defending himself and his salary as well.

It's funny that no matter if you love/hate Mike we sometimes don't hear the same things but often agree that there is usually more to his thoughts than just his spoken words. That is one of the reasons Mike is somewhat compelling-- His lack of sincerity,huge ego, and desire to always be right makes his words very transparent to what his true feelings are.

For me Mike reminds of a combination of people I've been forced to deal with in life(bosses, co-workers,etc) that I found to be very annoying and wish I never had to associate with.

Now it's kind of fun to yell and scream at the TV(lol).


gabagool said...

You hit that RIGHT on the head. This moron does that kind of thing all the time.

WHen he states that the really really "great ones" should be able to get away with stuff (IE manny)...who do yo think hes REALLY talking about?

No brain surgery here.

While I agree with the idea of Calhoun making what he wants, the nations views on getting what you can has diminished somewhat. For how long, I don't know.

But Calhoun has ALWAYS been, and will ALWAYS be a total foulmouth, bullying dickhead.....BUt, the really really great ones can get away with it..........

Fatboy and Calhoun were at ODDS with each other for a while when UCONN was just starting to become a powerhouse.

Loki said...

blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

this site is dead

fuck that fat fucking bastard

Anonymous said...

this site survives and thrives on mike and chris drama. it's their lifeblood. without that, it's goodnight time.