Sunday, August 23, 2009

In Summary....

Well, I think that truly defined the Mets season. Bruntlett goes 10-10 and turns a triple play to end this game. Mets catch a break when the dreamy Chase Utley took a break and his replacement played like Robbie Alomar on steroids.

So, whatever. 10 games under and everyone should be put on waivers.

For Big MiKe tomorrow he can talk about the Mets "luck.". Plus, the series in Boston. Weird so far, no?

For me, I'll take Beckett to keep those Yankee bats asleep. I guess he's -6 1/2 or so but I have yet to check.

Sunday Funday boys.

PS - KBilly, we just effing with you and your horrible taste in music. Chill out.


KBilly said...

was that the first-ever game ending unassisted triple play?

KBilly said...

It was the 15th unassisted triple play in major league history - the second that ended a game. Detroit Tigers first baseman Johnny Neun also accomplished the feat on May 31, 1927

Anonymous said...

I was just gonna say it had to be....What a weird game. Whatever.

Beckett is in fact -6 !/2 20x for AwesomeSean on the Sawx. Already hit with the Rockies today and laid off the Mets. Yay me!

KBilly said...

Bruntlett had already committed an error AND booted another ground ball that went his way in the 9th. It was like God fell asleep and then woke up and went, "wait, the mets are trying to win? No...that's not supposed to happen." Boom. Triple play.

Anonymous said...

The Mets are still playing baseball?

What a joke!!! How the hell does Wilpon come out today and show support for Minaya? Who then in turn shows support for Manuel?

The entire orginization is an embarrassment.

What's next? A promotion the last week of the season where every paying fan gets a kick in the teeth?


KBilly said...

JD, actually, they put your teeth on the sidewalk and kick the fans in the back of the head. Much more efficient.

Anonymous said...

Ouch KBilly.

That sounds painful!

After enduring this season though I'd sign up for that promotion if it meant a better year in 2010.

My worthless prediction of the week:

The Mets are going to be irrelevent for years to come.


KBilly said...

And Jetah takes a 1st pitch fastball into the pen for his 2700th hit of his career.

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