Thursday, November 6, 2008


You thought the biggest decision you had to make was on election day, but the reality is that there is a way bigger decision out there for Mr Mike Francesa, YES or MSG? The decision really isn't even his, it's up to YES to match the offer.
You can see why MSG would choose to make an offer, it fills five hours of air time where currently repeats of MSG NY and Knicks and Rangers repeats sit. For the same reason you can see why YES would want to keep it, it fills five and a half hours of time that otherwise would be filled with the Alvaro Espinoza Yankeeography.
The rumor is that YES would like to expand it's original programming and that's what would fill the void left by Francesa taking his keg of Diet Cola to MSG.
Given the World's Most Famous Arena's sensitivity to criticism, the big question is if Francesa takes his multi titled no jingle or partner having show to MSG will he be able to let loose on the Knicks and Rangers without seeing the name James Dolan on his caller id?

With Neil Best on vacation we are simply going to have to wait for the big man himself to make the announcement. I am sure that he will be taking the air pump to his ego and blowing it up beyond capacity as he discusses the bidding war for his top rated show.


bigjf said...

Someone's gotta pick up the verdict...It's Friday now!

Mushnick? Where are ya?

Anonymous said...

In the end, does it really matter? His show has been terrible since "The Split" and I really do not see any improvement until he shelves his ego and admits to himself that he need a strong co-host to help carry the show.