Tuesday, November 4, 2008


There are many choices to be made today. Who to vote for President, Senate, Congressman? Whether you are for or against proposition 48 (i have no idea what that is, i just picked a number and put the word proposition in front of it).

Then there are more important decisions to be made like where you will be getting your election day information from. There are many more choices than the ones you have for the highest office in the land. You can go everywhere from CNN to MSNBC, to Fox News, to Headline News, to the Daily Show to WFAN. What, WFAN is an all sports station isn't it? It's the home of the 20/20 flash and Evan Roberts and Mike Francesa and they don't know anything about politics, do they?

Well, Mike Francesa has read a lot of books about John F Kennedy. There you have it, he is a political expert.

It is actually the perfect situation for Mike'd Up/Francesa on the Fan to become Meet the Press with your host Mike Francesa. There is nothing going on in the world of sports, the Jets are in first, the Giants are in first, the Knicks are terrible, no one cares about hockey, it's a perfect opening for him to spend the entire day talking about the election. With all that said...

We here at Mike and the Mad Blog are officially announcing our support for Mike Francesa as the host to take us through this monumental day in the history of our country. He will make predictions on electoral votes, he will use sports analogies, he will have Jim Nantz take you through the battleground states and Jon Heyman give insight on Obama's cabinet picks.

660 WFAN, Mike'd Up, Francesa on the Fan, the one stop shopping for Jets analysis and election coverage!


loki said...

I will not even bother listening/watching Francesa today. I'm glued to MSNBC all day.

Gene said...

I think you need some backup posters to help you out. The important thing for a blog is to add content regulary.

Going three days with no new posts is going to drive readers away. I did it myself over the weekend. Visited you guys and nothing new there. Then was going to check yesterday and I thought that it was a waste of time because nothing had been posted.

Having said that, you can't exhauast yourself and put this ahead of your job. Maybe you should recruit some people from mikefranseca.com. Those guys have no lives as they post all the time.

Even I could write one for you every once in a while if you want. You can review my work. My screen names were HARD TO ROOT FOR AND INTERNETS KING.

Anonymous said...

Don't count this blog out? And then you follow up with this? This blog is done - D-O-E-N - done!

Gene said...


Mike said this is the one day every four years when people MIGHT be interested in something othert than listening to him talk sports.

He has decided to fix this by talking politics all day long. Now, no one has an excuse to turn him off.

Gene said...

Mike and Kennedy,

Yes, Mike has read "scores of books" on the Kennedy assassination. He has studied it since he was ten years old and might even call himself "a buff" on this issue. He has read every theory and can tell you what went down in Dallas minute by minute and all the politcal drivers that led to this.

So, after all of this reseach, Mike has concluded the following:
(wait for it, wait for it
Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald from a sixth floor window at the Texas School Box Depository.

That's right folks. After all of his studying, he has the same view that every child in the fifth grade is taught. Net, Oswald did it.

I am not saying if that is the correct version or not, because I don't know. The point is that Mike does not know either.

It just looks like after all of this reasearch he might be able to bring to this story. But, (to quote the great one himself) Nope!

First Time, Long Time said...

anon..fill us in...what is mike saying? That McCain is war hero and he can't believe a war hero might lose?

KBilly said...

Dog touched on MNF for 30 seconds, but is now talking politics...Truman, Lincoln etc...