Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mike and Chris Analyze the Election

Chris: Andddd Gooood Afternooon Everybodyyy on this Wednesday November 5th...the GOP in D.C. is piggybacking. And how are you today Mike?

Mike: Fine.

Chris: Lots to talk about today. We got this whole Marbury thing. The President..where do you wanna start Mike?

Mike: Wherever.

Chris: Well I just don't know know what the Knicks are doing. This idea that Marbury is just gonna sit on the bench the whole...

Mike (interrupting): We can't start with the Knicks..We got to start with the election.

Chris: Excellent point Mike. Excellent point.

Mike: Dog, it was ovuh before it even started. There was no drama. No excitement. Roe and I were actually a bit bored watching it.

Chris: Mike, that was a terrible job by the McCain campaign with this election. A TERRIBLE job.

Mike: Dog, what did you want them to do? The man is a war hero. But he couldn't come through in a big spot.

Chis: Ahhh listen Mike. You just can't lose the election that quickly last night. You gotta be a little more feisty than that.

Mike: Dog, I talked to someone close to the McCain campaign yesterday and they said they knew this was going to be the outcome all day.

Chris: Oh really??!!

Mike: Yeah my source said they were expecting this and this election was pretty much gonna be a no-brainer.

Chris: But Mike, now America is in a tricky spot..You got Ojama as the new President.

Mike: Obama.

Chris. Right, Obama. But you got the country in a tricky spot. I can't go too crazy about this Obama guy. He's got about as much political experience as Timmy.

Mike: Dog, it's a historic day. But you gotta give a lot of credit to McCain and his speech last night.

Chris: Excellent point Mike. Let's be fair here. That was a TERRIFIC speech by McCain.

Mike: And that Palin, she's a gamer.

Chris: She sure is. And one more thing Mike, do I need to see Jesse Jackson crying every other second? Did I need to see that last night? Did I? I mean pipe down.

Mike: It's a historic day Dog...but that Sarah Palin sure is charming...


loki said...

Let's face it, McCain only picked Palin so he could have some ass to stare at while he knew he was going to lose.

good stuff

Anonymous said...

I think this blog is back....good stuff. WE NEED MORE OF THIS!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. Or, as Dog would say, "Good job by you First Time!"

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tremendous Job!!!! Way to bring your A Game today! This is blog is back!! This is exactly how it would go. This must be under best of of mike and the mad blog. Please more of this tremendous material!!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You nailed this. God I miss them together. They were idiots, but alway entertaining...

Anonymous said...

I was laughing by "wherever". I miss them together.

Anonymous said...

Back to the well again . . . the well again . . .