Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As Francesa lovers/haters, we always get a little gleeful when a horse Mike backs, loses. So I'm sure some of you were sort of anticipating Mike's take on the Presidential election this afternoon. Would he eat a little crow? Would he do a reversal and back Obama? Would he try to minimalize Obama's victory with a little, 'This thing's been over for awhile. I mean, George Bush basically handed the election to Obama. It's not like he did anything special...' He didn't do any of the above. Instead, he basically ignored the most significant election in our lifetime. His brevity given to the subject spoke volumes. He opened the show with 'Does is feel like a different America today?' And then, in one of the most absurd transitions, he opined that people weren't worried about politics anymore. They were worried about baseball.

Bravo, Mike. Bravo.

Now I really didn't think Francesa was going to give any credit to Obama. But here is a history buff whose hero is JFK. How many times has Obama and his campaign been compared to Kennedy. Uh, a lot. But Mike wasn't having any of it. He does what he wants and gosh darnit if anyone tells him otherwise. So Mike crawled back into his dinosaur skin and After spending approximately :25 on Obama he proclaimed, "Today, it's about November. And it's about building baseball teams."

Maybe we've all had a little too much change in the last 24 hours. It's good to see some things stay the same.


First Time, Long Time said... know deep down in places he doesn't talk about it - at parties with his friends, that Mikey WANTS someone to call today and ask him "what went wrong with the McCain campaign?" He NEED someone to ask him that...then he can go off for a few minutes and offer his expert political analysis.

Jason said...

there was an article abotu ryan church and how much he loves new york and the mets and he even goes as far as to say people should "consider the source" when listening to rumors about fatcessa. thought you would put that article up. ill look for it and link you in case you didnt see it.

Jason said...

gman26 said...

Good post Jason. Just so you know this blog left a message with Church's agent Jeff Borris at the time of Francesa's statements. We never heard back, but I'm sure our message made his agent aware of Francesa's erroenous comments.

Also, you buried the lead there a little. There is a note below that which says Kim Jones is the leading candidate to co-host with Mike.

Jason said...

hey i gotta do all the work? haha. yeah, ironically enough, i couldn't care less about fatso and who his running mate will be. the show has lost all significance and is unlistenable to me since maddog left. i listen strictly to npr now (does that sound elitist or what?) haha.

AwesomeSean said...

Today was particularly bad...I listen to about 40 min a day if I take a lunch and drive around to get out of office for a bit. Did you know Liberace was a big star? He was! Man, Mike's Mom always follows the big stars! Great job by her!! But seriously, if it's not a glimpse into the gaping hole that should be a soul that Mike has seen NO live musical performances by any artist that is not a staple of the last 40 years? He then went on to say that he liked the Aerosmith song at the end of that crap movie with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. What?!?!?! This guy is too much.

The most shocking part of the day, however? Jon Heyman throwing out OBP when discussing a man that plays baseball. I almost swallowed the factory installed stock radio/casette deck in my 2000 Corolla.

Repoz said...

Thought I'd drop this one here...

Michael Kay during an anti-Adam Dunn rant.


Dunn has hit 40 HR's on the nose for a record 5 straight large-headed lug.

Gene said...

You guys seem to be back on your game. That is good.

Francesa has definitely jumped the shark. This thing about Novermber being all about baseball is borderline psychotic.

I listened to Mike's open yesterday and it was along the lines of "Please call in and give me your ideas for trades and free agent signings.

Unbelievable. He hates it when fans call in and suggest a trade and when he does take a call on it, he handwaves them in 30 seconds.

The tea leaves tell me that if Mike has to do something like that to get callers, listenership will be way down as well.

Hey, and to the guy who criticized me on my spelling...

I have a master's degree and will be glad to match IQ scores with you. They like to criticize spelling on You should go there immediately and stay.

Anonymous said...

You know what's started helping me track the fat man's inane predictions? This website, it tracks him and doggie, along with a bunch of other guys....helps to know who knows what they're talking about and how doesn't.

AwesomeSean said...

Repoz...I took a long break for analysis and determined that the NYY had ONE player on their team more valuable, offensively, than Dunn last year. One. But, he strikes out too much, never goes into the hole to throw someone out off his back foot and never, ever, ever tags Jeremy Giambi out at home. He sucks. Research time? < 1 minute.

Repoz said...

That's OK AwesomeSean...Kay went on to say the one player the Yankees should pick up is (hold on to your Pete Franklinesque derby)..Casey Blake!

And move him and his 100 OPS+ over to 1B!

Peteski said...

Mike'd Up Election Coverage critique:



gabagool said...

God, you are spot on with your first post.

Frankly, only an asshole like MF would actually think that:
1. He's QUALIFIED to talk politics on the air.

2. That anyone besides those with MF posters in their room would give a ratz ass about what he thinks. Besides, if you follow one or two political talk shows, you soon realizes that he just pukes up what he heard that morning.

gabagool said...


Kim Jones? Oh goody. Wonder why SHE got it..... but I admit it will be fun to listen if:

Jones treats the huge one with the same "you're dirt on the bottom of my shoe" distain she treats Continent. Maybe she has a bias against slobs.


How long it takes Mike to get sick and tired of not having his zip code ass kissed by this young lucky upstart and begins treating HER with the same superiority he treats his MALE co hosts. Because he sucks up to her at this present time. I hope FAN isn't stupid enough to think that will continue.

gabagool said...

Checked out

Saw a hefty 28% next to his largeness. Gee....I'm surprised.