Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A short while ago, a caller complained to Mike about the end to the Redskins/Seattle game this past week and about the play calling by Skins coach Jim Zorn. The caller pointed out that Seattle had no timeouts left, thus Washington should have just kneeled down, which would have avoided them fumbling, which happened. Mike and the caller disagreed about how many timeouts Seattle had left:

Mike: I was doing the math...

Caller: No, that’s not right.

Mike: They had the timeout (Seattle had one left).

Caller: No, they didn’t!

Mike: Yeah, they had one.

Caller: Seattle had NO timeouts left!

Mike: They had one. I’m telling you Stash, they had one.

Caller: I’ll bet you anything they had ZERO timeouts.

Mike: I’m telling you they had one (left).

Caller: NO they did NOT. Mike, I’m telling you I watched the game closer than anyone.

Mike: I’m telling you they had one. I went and looked.

Caller: They didn’t have one Mike.

Mike: They had one.

Caller: 100% they did NOT have one. With a minute and 40 seconds, he could have ran...(mike interrupts)

Mike: Stash, he could have taken a knee then if he didn’t have any. He wouldn’t have had to run the play.

Caller: He ran a play like an idiot.

Mike: No. No. No. I disagree with you. I think he ran the play because he had one (seattle timeout left). And I did the math because I was watching the game.

After this exchange, there was a commercial break. Now I knew if Mike was right, that he would start off the following segment scolding the caller for being wrong. However, Mike made no mention of the timeout fiasco. So I decided to check myself and it appears that...wait for it...Mike was wrong and the caller was right. Here's a link to the play-by-play (http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/playbyplay?gameId=281123026&period=4), which shows that Seattle called their final timeout with 1:39 left. The following play, Washington fumbled on a running play...the play Mike said they had to run because Seattle still had a timeout left. What time should we expect the apology from Mikey?


gman26 said...

Expecting an apology? Like Dana Carver playing George Bush(the first one) used to say, "Not gonna happen."

I think this is indicative of what things have become though. Dog could have made the situation better in some way. Instead, Mike is on an island. And he is more than able to dig himself a hole.

jd said...

seriously, the show is getting painful to listen to. this blog is getting painful to read.

WE NEED DOG BACK. make this happen. someone start a website.

Rock said...

Mike is always wrong and yes we do need Dog back. He's still missing in action.

Rock said...

It boggles my mind how anybody would continue to listen to Mike. Listen to Dog or espn radio.
Do you guys like torturing yourselves? I haven't listened to Mike for 2 months now and I don't plan on ever going back unless he gets a good partner.

Somebody has to find out the ratings for his show. They must be down.

Jimmy in Singapore said...

You don't get to be the "Sports Doctor" without a fair amount of confidence--but it's this kind of obstinate, little nit-picky stuff from Mike that frustrates the hell out of a lot of listeners. It sounds too much like he's talking down to the callers, and that he's right about every aspect of every sport.

Mike, it's okay to be wrong once in awhile. Really.

Brian said...

Mike was definitely wrong. Why can't he ever just say "I need to check on that." He likes to play this game where he has to be smarter than the caller, even if he's not sure of the facts.

But the caller's point was that Washington could have kneeled to run out the clock which is also not true. It was 2nd and 9 with 1:39 to go when Seattle used their final timeout. So if they knelt twice that would have taken it down to 4th and 9 with 20 seconds left and they would have had to punt to Seattle. I guess they could have knelt twice to avoid the chance of a fumble but teams don't typically do that.

gabagool said...

Do you really think, for one minute, that if his ratings were UP, we wouldn't be hearing about it ever show?

This is MF we're talking about.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Mike is in some kind of hyper / trying to be "funny" mood today, and its just coming off as him being even more of an asshole to callers.

Have to agree with Rock - why do i still listen?

Brian said...

What was that with the first caller today?

Caller: For the wild card I like the Cowboys and the.....

Mike (interrupting): You a Cowboy fan?

Caller: No

Mike: Yeah you are you're a cowboy fan.

Caller: No I'm not

Mike: Admit it you're a Cowboy fan.

Caller: I am not a Cowboy fan

Mike: Yeah you are..Next caller Ira in Staten Island....

Way to start off the show Mike...Apparently if you think Cowboys will get the wild card that makes you a Cowboy fan.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Yeah that was after he jumped all over the guy in what he tried to play off as a playful mode for saying Giants and Cardinals were in the playoffs... I heard that first call, then we heard Ira kiss his ass, and then we heard Mike going back to being a huge dick for no reason. SUCH an asshole to callers. It's my first time listening in a few days and it makes me sick

bigjf said...

The day Mike apologizes for that, I'll return to watching the program. Yep, I said it. That's it for me. I can't take it anymore. I'm done. I'll continue to check this blog periodically, but I'm done with listening to this.

That said, I'm still not paying for radio.

KBilly said...

Welcome Back. More Dog, less Mike. I don't listen to Mike anymore.