Monday, November 24, 2008


Mike opened the show pretty much previewing the Giants/Jets Super Bowl that we are all in store for. But then he talked a little about his favorite NFL player...Peyton Manning:

"The Colts now seem to be headed in the right direction because of the brilliance of Peyton Manning, who was brilliant last night. Brilliant. That 4th down play he made on the goal line - Hall of Fame. The 4th and inches play he made - Hall of Fame. I mean, utter brilliance."

Peyton is one of those athletes that Mike Francesa loves. If he could divorce Roe and marry Peyton, that would suit him just fine. That brings me to the "Mike Francesa F, Marry, Kill" Game. Those who were longtime listeners of Howard Stern know this game. Essentially, pick one person that you think Francesa would love to "F_ _ _" (trying to keep things clean here) person he would love to "Marry" and one person he would love to "Kill." Here's my list:

Despite his utter praise for Peyton today, I would say that Mike would "F" Manny Ramirez. It's probably a tough call between Manny, Peyton and Tim Duncan. But I think the allure of the dreadlocks would sway Mike to Manny.

I have no doubt that Mikey would Marry Bill Parcells. That's a no-brainer.

And lastly, Mike would Kill Bill Belichick. On Death Row would be Greg Schiano.

So who makes your "Francesa F-Marry-Kill" List?


Anonymous said...

Mike Marry- Mr. T (Tannebaum)
Mike Kill- David Wright

Both a bit on the obvious side, but i had to mention it..


Anonymous said...

Kinda off topic here, but doesnt anyone else hate when Mike cuts off the update guy? I mean, C'MON!!! The update guy gets 30, maybe 45 seconds to do his/her thang and Mike sometimes feels the need to get his two cents in.

Mikey, can you shutup for one minute, could ya please?!?!

Anonymous said...

Mike Kill: Norv Turner
Mike F: Kim jones
Mike Marry: Jetah
Mike Kill:Billy Wagner
Mike F: a Knick playoff game
Mike Marry: Eric Mangini

Anonymous said...

Bill Pidto filling in for a sick Maddog, and starts the show with DONOVAN MCNABB! He cannot be happy about this. I know its a national show and all, but Jets beating Titans is THE story today!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


loki said...

Started strong...ended weak

Illuminati said...

Kill-Minaya and Cashman and any other GM who wouldn't trade for him and give up a lot.


Anonymous said...

Kill - The person that left the porn on the computer last week (Carton)

Peteski said...


gman26 said...

F - Bronson Arroyo. Has it been so long that everyone forgot the love letters via the radio waves that Mike sent to the Andres Segovia of the Res?

Marry - Any favorite in any sport

K - There is not space on this blog for the number of people that Mike would like to kill or has killed over the years. But since we're here. Art Howe.

gabagool said...

Face it

Mike is OBSESSED with mens looks. I mean its a weird mix of admiration and envy when he sees an athlete that he thinks women would find attractive.

Think about it. That person would have EVERYTHING an insecure wannabe would desire.

MONEY. As much as this slob makes, he dies when he thinks that someone else would make 20 times what he makes. To Mikey boy, your worth as a human being is in direct proportion with your income.
When he compares himself to the average Joe Schmoe, he gets all pumped up (as if thats possible) but compared to pro jocks....well he serious ego problem rears its ugly fat head.

ATHLETIC ABILITY. Do any listeners ACTUALLY think that if Mike had been even a TINY bit above average as an athlete, we would NOT be "blessed" with story after agonizing story about how his possible pro career was cut short by knee problems?? Please.

LOOKS. As far as this goes, if MF can actually talk himself into the "fact" that his wife married him because she found him attractive, well he could talk himself into ANTYTHING, even that he is a radio talent. Just the thought of someone rumping in the hay with that slob makes you realize that some people would do ANYTHING for money.

Marry? In reality....himself
FK- ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who
has more cash than him and
(very important)refuses to
suck up to him.
Kll- It don't matter. Pick out any
of those guys that call up and
tell him how much they
appreciate what he does.....

Anonymous said...

I think he would like to F, M, then Kill Dog.

Anonymous said...

I cant stand this hungerthon crap./

IF WFAN wants to be charitable they should write a big check and stop leaning on their listeners for dough every six months.

I mean really.. what does a sports talk radio think they are that they can do these dopey telethons and bilk their sponsors and listeners for money.

Write a check and move on.. lets talk sports.

Anonymous said...

i agree anonymous w/ the hungerthon scenario

beebo said...

"Hey, millionaire musician, can you help us out with the Hungerthon?"

"Even better, I'll donate two seconds of my time and autograph something, and you can sell it."

gabagool said...

There's something just not right about MF involved in a hungerthon.....

"So she asked for a donation and I, OF COURSE, said yes" That entire part could have been left out and the point gotten across just fine........just had to let people know..

Anonymous said...

more like the mike douglas show.

Anonymous said...

I think you all missed one obvious one: Joe Torre