Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coach Francesa Calls for the ATQ

Coach Francesa offered up his gameplan for the Jets this week against the Pats:

"I wanna see them put pressure on the quarterback. I'll even give up a big play to Moss. I want them early on to attack the quaterback. In recent games, they've been doing a lot of blitzing...they've been throwing some Cowboy blitzes in there, they're shooting guys off the corners, they've been timing their blitzes well. ATTACK THE QUATERBACK. A-T-Q. That's the way to play this game. Put this kid on his rear end. Knock him down early. Make him play tough. I'd rather see Moss get a 90 yarder then for him not to take hits early in the game. Take your chances. Go get him. I'll tell ya - I'll even single Moss and run my risk at times early in the game until he beats me once. Make the kid throw the deep ball...ATTACK THE QUARTERBACK."

Nothing like some X's and O's with the Coach...


Anonymous said...

RIP Mike and the Mad Blog

Ryan said...

Allow me to continue to give this ailing website the content it needs to live another day. Aside from the Maddog Minute I put up yesterday, here's a clip of the always entertaining Maddog doing a spot on a Boston station.

He actually says he talked to Mike Friday and it sounds like he has some news about what Mike plans to do with his show, making it more of an "ensemble cast". Sounds to me like that means adding Carlin and Kim Jones.

Take a listen:

Rock said...

ha ha.

That's great.
Nobody likes Mike anymore and if he thinks adding Kim Jones and that other fat oaf Carlin....boy is he in for a rude awakening. Can we say ratings killer?

yolly56 said...

Hey anon -- why don't you get your big fat ass back to mf.com and quit coming to this site and posting the same bullshit all the time?