Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today, to me, is an example of sports radio gone wrong.

We briefly interupt this blog post with the news that Mickey Rourke is in talks to star in Iron Man 2. You think him and Robert Downey Jr could have some discussions about a thing or two? Is that somehow unsafe or disrespectful to each of their shots at sober living to put them on the same movie set?

Back to overtime. Look, everyone, we will still see Peyton Manning in every other commercial during the playoffs and Super Bowl. He and Eli got that whole matchup against the Williams sisters coming up. Peyton is going to be alright. We do not have to change the entire overtime rules because his Colts didn't win. It's really ok.

For some reason throughout the show fans have been calling with their suggestions on how this overtime issue can be fixed. Someone just called and talked about the teams placing blind bids in what seemed like a take off on Name That Tune.
Eli Manning: We can score starting at the 50 yard line
Kurt Warner: We can score starting at our 40 yard line
Eli Manning: We can score starting at our 30 yard line
Kurt Warner: We can score starting at our 20 yard line
Eli Manning: Kurt, go for it.

Someone else suggested that they decide it based on which team has the best offensive stats. Someone else suggested they line up the girls that each quarterback slept with that night and then the fans vote on which girl is the hottest and that team gets the ball (i actually completely made that up).

How about this? The Colts defense stops the Chargers and gets Peyton Manning back on the field and he wins the game? Or he converts the 3rd and 2 late in the game that would've iced it. How about one of those things happens and we keep flipping the coin? Or do the QB hot chick thing, either one is cool by me.


bigjf said...

I officially got sick of the football talk today. It's Wednesday. There are 2 days left to host shows on the games and all. Basketball, hockey, tennis, the kids, SOMETHING! I had to turn it off today. I'll be into the Giants game this weekend, but Mike is getting repetitive again. He needs another shooting scandal to chew on. I miss Dog, he would've had one of those "goofy" days today.

Brian said...

People just kept calling and proposing ideas that had already been proposed like 5 times before, and they acted like they were the first ones to come up with it.

"Mike me and my brother were talking and we think we got it. First team to score 6 in overtime wins."

Dude 7 other guys already said that same thing and one of them was two callers before you. Do callers not listen to the show? Why does the call screener let these people through? I just don't understand. It's because of people like this that no one else can ever get through and actually make an original thought.

bigjf said...

I think OT is fine the way it is in the NFL. If anything, I'd like to see them get rid of the tie rule and just keep playing 15 min quarters until a team scores.

Maybe they could change the rule for the playoff format to give each team a chance to score, but I'm sure there's a good portion of fans who would be against that.

cburns219 said...

I love how Mike "put the OT issue to bed" a few days ago and then Nantz called up with solid numbers and actual research now it's all people want to talk about

Anonymous said...

Did i miss u guys talking about ian eagle telling tubby thanks but no thanks?

gabagool said...

I don't know if anyone will read this in an old post, but......

I was watching ESPN and a horrific thought shot into my head. I got nauseous and almost blacked out.

Heres the question:

Who would force you to commit suicide first if you were stuck in a cell with them:

Mike Francesca
Stephen A Smith

God help me. Mike is really really annoying, and we all know why, but if I hear any more DEAD WRONG information, in an over -enunciated manner, using words that are meant to impress, but doesn't..........I I don't know..

How many time do you think you'd have to run full force into a stone wall to punch your ticket?

Hows that for the NEW Mike Francesca team. Mike and STEPHEN A?

bigjf said...

Stephen A would probably force me to kill myself first because he's just so loud and obnoxious. At least Mike in that cell usually carries himself in a very dry, almost monotone sort of way, so if I don't want to hear him I can tune him out. Stephen A can really grate me if I'm not in the mood for him. And I seriously doubt Mike would like that tandem any more than we would. That would be like Doggie multiplied by 10.

gabagool said...

Gee what a surprise, first I gotta hear from the first genius that Tebow is overrated because of his being an upstanding person,(a Heisman, two national championships, EVEN, EVEN if that is true, WHY, WHY bring it up?? Let it go. With all the Phillips's in the world, ain't it nice to have a good guy winning?

Now El Gigante joins in, OBVIOUSLY showing the green streak. I could just picture Mike in his college days, looking like Peter Griffin in HIS college days, working on the AV team, badmouthing the starting QB on his school. Sitting back, steaming, cramming hot dogs down this throat, his shirt all mustard stained, glasses taped together, muttering to his nerd friend that the only reason he wasn't there was because of his bum knee. That loser.

Saying he can't stand the way the media kept going on and one what a great guy this kid was.......yeah, right kinda like you do with Jeter and Bernie over and over and over again, right? To two faced, four chinned putz.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

WHY did't Dog see the BCS game last night!!!! Isn't his job to make sure he does, even if has to TIVO it, which is a concept Dog or Francesa have not grasped as of yet.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

First he takes 9 million days off, when he is trying to build a following, then he shows up today not having seen the game. What is going on? Is he taking this endeavor seriously??

AwesomeSean said...

Was Mike really complaining about the way Tebow is portrayed? If so, that's weak. Really weak. First, if last night's game and the overall success of the SEC in the bowls (compared to the Big XII) isn't sufficient evidence that the kid deserved another Heisman, I don't know what is. Then, what's wrong with the media positively covering this kid? He gives his time to others, has the respect of his teammates, plays a great game of football, says the right things and on and on. What's wrong with that? To answer gabagool's hypothetical, however, SAS is way, way worse than MF. It's not even close.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

And now Russo is taking about Tebow in that way. Russo SHUT UP!! You didn't even see the game. TAKE YOUR JOB SERIOUSLY OR GET OFF THE AIR!!

gabagool said...

bill and awesome

COmments right on. But can't you see it? I know you can. Tebow is the guy they HATED in high school and college. You know, sharp, good grades, great heart, chicks, these two dopes, the grapes were sour anyways.

Yeah Mike, Manny is your man, but with Tebow, not matter how EASY it is to be an ass when you accomplish as much as him, with Tebow, you gotta give it a rest.

Yeah Chris take another deep breath from your asthma inhaler, put on another BRUCE album (he stopped being important in the 80's you putz)and keep getting green. Jerk.

AwesomeSean said...

Oh yeah, the Bruce thing is horrible. I mean, he's an America hating, whiny, self-involved jackass. Anyway, I'm glad that I missed both of these clowns coming down on a seemingly genuinely kind COLLEGE kid for f*cksakes. What a couple of blowhards. I still say that a lifetime in a cell with both of them, with the whole Bruce discography at their disposal is better than a four hour block with SAS.

Anonymous said...

i just realized that the stinks list is still being updated. That's great. I haven't heard Dog's show because i don't have sirius, but am glad to see who continues to make the stinks list.


gabagool said...

You know how there's that group that goes around chucking cream pies at politicians? Well, wouldn't be great if one could be hired to get into fan studios and smack that fat bastard square in the kisser with one? Can you imagine Mike!?!?? He wouldn't know to start swallowing or be pissed!!!!

gman26 said...

walky, you win the door prize for noticing that I updated the Stinks List. I find it funny that it is Gino Costa.

And I agree with you about the Tebow hate. They hate people that are forced on them. ie, Favre. And they are very cynical, so they don't go for the do-gooders. That's why I'm surprised Mike is prez of the Peyton Manning fan club.

Dog had Danielson on and asked him about Tebow. Danielson said he goes down as one of the all-time college greats. Russo tried to counter with the two first half interceptions. very weak.

Rock said...

what ever happened to asshole's new JINGLE? It's only been 6 months! LOL

What a lazy slob.

Rock said...

Mike doesn't like anybody so his attack on Tebow doesn't surprise me.

Just a bitter fat grump like his husband Bill Parcells.

Don't know why you guys continue to listen to him.

Guess you enjoy torturing yourselves.

The only info I get from Mike is what I read on here. I haven't listened to his show since Sept. Only reason I know he hasn't changed his opening music is because a friend told me he still uses the same lame generic crap music.

KBilly said...

You guys on vacation???
Dog is unleashing the Marquis next week. Can I come here to give/get answers???
Screw it, the Giants aren't going to the Super Bowl, I don't want to go.

gman26 said...

We are on the opposite of vacation, meaning we're working a little too hard to write consistent content.

I didn't get a chance to listen to either show so far, but I would like to hear their takes on Jim Rice. The football stuff was probably predictable.

KBilly said...

Dog hasn't touched the MLB HOF yet. But I think he was pro Rice.

gabagool said...

Mad dog would probably say the Rice is iffy, he remembers when:

"Rice was up once, ninth inning two out, 3 and 2 count and took a third strike looking!!..........COme on!! Hall of Famers...DON'T DO DAT!!!"

Yeah, Ok Maddog. Mike was put on this green earth so you can say that your better host than ONE other guy.

Kinda like Keith Richards was made a stone so Mick Jagger was better looking than SOMEONE.

Bill.... from Hauppauge said...

Does any one out there know what the hell they are talking about, who is right, who is wrong??? I bet Mike claims he knows,wait & see!