Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So Dog got a lot of mileage yesterday from taking Mark Teixeira to task for claiming to remember Don Mattingly at age 8. Whatdoyouhave astutely commented that Russo was simply using this harmless anecdote to needle the Yankees. I would also add that Russo and Francesa over the years have had a hard time understanding things that they have never experienced. They are very sheltered individuals whose lives probably look something like this:

Francesa - Watch Sports on TV, Sleep, eat, handicap Aqueduct, drive to the Fan, talk about sports.
Russo - Watch Sports on TV, Sleep, eat, play tennis, drive to Sirius XM listening to Bruce, talk about sports.

Both of them can't fathom that athletes can go out to clubs and have fun. Remember when Oliver Perez got hurt in a taxi cab at 1am in the morning? They were mortified, "I mean, could ya please. What is Perez doing out that late?" I called into the show a long time ago to protect Keith Traylor and the other Wolverines who flipped the SUV while at Michigan. They couldn't grasp college students partying at 5am in the morning. Probably because they never did it.

Which goes back to Teixeira and Mattingly. Can an 8-year old actually have the cognitive ability to discern that Donnie Baseball is a great player and that he likes him? I believe so. I lived in Baltimore from 1975-1978 and I would go to Orioles games regularly from age 5-8. I had a stuffed otter that I nicknamed Tippy, in honor of Oriole reliever Tippy Martinez. Would Russo take me task? "Cmon Gman, Tippy joined the Orioles in '76 and only had 14 saves by the time you left Baltimore. And you're naming otters after him?!" So my question is do you believe in scientist Russo and his knowledge of the human brain. Let us know if you've had any similar experiences to Mark Teixeira or do you not remember a single thing before the age of 10.

(btw, Russo is doing a great interview with Brent Musburger right now as I write this.)


KBilly said...

Dog's interview with Lee Courso is CLASSIC! I never thought that guy was even remotely interesting until now...

Rob said...

It wasn't Perez, it was Duaner Sanchez. Otherwise, I agree with your point. I like Russo better than Mike, but sometimes he gets something like this under his skin and won't let go.

gman26 said...

Rob - "Thanks for correcting my English which stinks"(Trading Places)

Rock said...

Glad to hear more of you listening to Russo.


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Fuck Mike.