Monday, January 5, 2009


Coach Mike is in the house today. And he's got the chalkboard out and he's talking X's and O's. We've all commented about how Mike thinks he knows a lot about football strategy and gameplanning. And since he has never been employed by an actual football team in any capacity, it would be fair to say that he doesn't know much as he thinks he does. But that isn't stopping him today. He is in coaching overdrive. He's already gameplanned what Eagles D Coordinator Jimmy Johnson will do..."He'll go man to man on the Giants receivers and walk up the safeties to the line to stop the run." And he's also had some thoughts for 'Spags'..."I don't want a linebacker on Westbrook. I want a safety on him."

Usually this type of banter happens when Mike is trying to impress a person who actually knows about football, such as a coach or player. But today he has basically opened up the phone lines to all callers to discuss the 3-4, mike linebackers, cover 2, throws in the flat, etc, etc.

The hilarity of this all is that Mike Francesa just questioned Matt Millen's credibility as a TV analyst because Millen was associated with an 0-16 team. Millen could forget more than Francesa will ever know about football, but yet he doesn't pass muster as analyst.


Rock said...

Nothing but an arrogant blowhard.
Thank God Mad Dog is back today!!

Anybody that wants to listen today, tomorrow. or whenever go to and log in:

screen name: drewsefransky
password: 271199

Fuck Mike.

Rock said...

Does Mike ever say the word "please."

I was listening for like 5 minutes today and he just bosses sal and eddie around.
"Do this" "Do that" "Call him" "Get me him on the phone" "Where's my report?" "Get me a sandwich" "Where's my Diet Coke?" "What's our rating?"

Such a jackass. Pretty scary that this man is a father.

brian12566 said...


Newsday's Neil Best
January 6, 2009
Mike Francesa's first goal for naming a supporting cast came and went four months ago, and there is no end in sight to his solo stretch on WFAN.
But there is "no panic" to name a sidekick, operations manager Mark Chernoff said yesterday. One reason was evident in the ratings for Sept. 18 through Dec. 10, which came out Friday.
In his first full seasonal period without Chris Russo, Francesa finished second to Q104.3-FM in the men ages 25-54 demographic the station targets, averaging 5.4 percent of the audience.
That was for the traditional 3-7 p.m. afternoon slot. For the 1-6:30period Francesa actually is on the air, he was third behind Q104.3 and WSKQ-FM, a Spanish station, with a 5.5 rating.
"This is wonderful news," Chernoff said. "It was hard to say what was going to happen [when Russo left in August]. All I know is the numbers have held up. I'm obviously pleased by that."

While Francesa logged solid ratings, 1050 ESPN enjoyed a positive trend of its own in afternoon drive time. Michael Kay's show averaged 2.9 percent of men 25-54 for 15th place overall.

Drawing to within less than a 2-1 ratio of WFAN is a milestone for Kay, whose ratings improved every month in the fall. Program director Aaron Spielberg credited Kay himself and stationwide efforts, such as a focus on news coverage.
(Kay announced yesterday that his show will air from 2 to 7 p.m. effective next week; it expanded from three hours to four last April.)
The sports stations' ratings were a surprise because of competition from news and news talk during the heated presidential campaign and because neither local baseball team made the playoffs.
Arbitron's switch from the old diary system to people meters makes it difficult to compare numbers from year to year. The meters were not official in 2007, but in figures distributed internally, Francesa and Russo ranked fifth in their time period.

(Ratings are not measured for satellite radio, so it is difficult to say exactly how Russo is doing in attracting an audience at Sirius XM.)

Chernoff said Francesa still is open to adding another cast member - eventually.

Doing so in time for the post-Super Bowl dog days would be wise.

"Our thinking really is if we can find the right person to put in there, we're still going to do it," Chernoff said, "because it's a long show for one person to do 12 months a year."

Rock said...

I had no doubt the Mike would continue ratings success. 660 is just the most popular sports station in the area and that's not going to change. So you can say anybody can fill the 1-6 time slot and get good ratings.
But that' good news that 1050 is catching up a bit.
I know most people hate Kay but I've always enjoyed his show.

I'm sure Russo is doing fine on Sirius. He gets a lot of callers saying that they just signed up for sirius or xm. I'm one of them.

bigjf said...

Timeline for Mike today:

2:26 - "We'll have Teixeira in 5 mins."

2:49 - "Mark Teixeira joins us now..."

Thanks for wasting 23 mins of my life, Mike. I'll just put it on your tab...In fairness, I realize Teixeira had plenty of interviews to do today.

I did love the dead air from Scott Boras when Mike brought up the Manny in Boston issue. Mike nailed him pretty good and had to backpeddle before Boras threatened to never call in again.