Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So I called into Mad Dog today. I was driving in my car listening to Sirius XM and saw 888-MADDOG6 on the screen. There could have been other calls to Chris, but it is difficult to figure out the letters and the numbers on the Blackberry.

Why did I call? Fox's atrocious broadcast of the Fiesta Bowl last night, of course. I got through pretty easily and there wasn't much of a screening process. But the wait was around 20 minutes because Russo couldn't get off of the Texeira press conference remarks. He used some lame argument that Texeira couldn't have seen Eddie Murray or Don Mattingly play in 1988(as he claimed) because they were gone. 'Texeira was 8! He's in diapers! His parents are wiping his fanny!' I was tempted to ask if the Russo kids were still soiling themselves at age 8, but decided to stick to the topic.

I thought we had a pretty good call. I was like Caffee ripping into Kendrick when I went over Matt Vasgersian's blown call of Texas' fake punt. I mildly knocked Brad Nessler which didn't work because apparently Doggie loves Nessler and thinks he should be ahead of Brent Musburger in pecking order. But Doggie and I shared some enthusiasm about ABC/ESPN getting the BCS back. Although we were both unsure when that was going to happen.

On another interesting note, around this same time, Russo went out of his way to praise Michael Kay and his handling of an interview(Teixeira?). Obviously he wouldn't have done that when he was at the Fan. And apparently he must listen to Kay on his drive into the city from New Canaan.


Anonymous said...

heard your call - ESPN/ABC will have the BCS in full again next season -


KBilly said...

I heard that call. That was a TREMENDOUS call gman26!

bigjf said...

I miss Doggie. Still not going to pay to hear him though.

pavano said...

Dog definitely has potty-training issues. Remember a few months ago, he announced on M&MD that his son crapped his pants at school? That kid is going to be more messed up than Imus's kid.

Brian said...

Heard your call too Gman. I've called a few times myself and it's really not that difficult to get on.

I thought yesterday was one of Dog's best shows. I've been thinking that he doesn't yell and scream and go at it with callers like he used to. But yesterday with all the Teixeira stuff he was back to his old self.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

I heard your call too GMan (thanks Rock), nice work. Not a huge college FB fan but I agreed with your take on the announcers. I was more inflamed by Dog's take on Texeira and talk about Mattingly. I was born in '81, a year after Texeira, and Mattingly was by far my favorite player growing up. He was the only one I cared about. Dog's argument was misguided and its because he went into it looking for something to pick Texeira apart on, because we all know how much he hates the Yanks and how much he despises the press conferences for new players. He was wrong about Texeira, and arguments about ripping on young people made him sound like Mike. Example - Dog and Mike always talk about baseball in the 50s and Mickey Mantle, etc - how old were they then? Mike was born in '54, Dog in '59. Mantle was a shell of himself after the 64 season, when dog was 5 and Mike 10.

All this being said, it was great to hear Dog yesterday. Sounded like he was on his game and I enjoyed listening to him, even if he was being his usual anti-Yankee self