Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lack of Analysis, Cliches and An Amazing Theory!

I tuned in to Mike while tooling around this afternoon. Got to hear his first three segments. I would classify them as poor, expected and decent, respectively.

The Opening: Mike spouted every possible cliche about the upcoming football contest on Sunday. One QB thrives in a system, needs the players around him to play well, blah blah, quick release, WR's with gamebreaking ability and great hands, blah, blah, blah. According to Mike, the other QB is the antithesis of the aforementioned QB. I suppose that means his players must play badly for him to succeed. Really though, he did say Big Ben was at his best when things are at their worst. Goodness, that's just terrible and it furthers public perception. Which is also terrible. Bottom line, if you need analysis or a unique opinion, look elsewhere.

2nd Segment: Back to "The Book". More damning quotes are emerging. Mike detailed Torre's schedule in the coming week and mentioned how hard it is to get folks to come to Queens. Boo hoo. He's been even-handed about Torre but he's buried Wells, Cash etc.

3rd Segment: Interview with Archie Manning. This was pretty good because Mike was consistent in his remarks about Peyton and Eli and Archie is objective in his analysis of them too. He's a pretty good interview and Mike did well here.

Oh yeah, Mike was able to work, "Big spot" into the opening. Well done.

I want to re-post a great comment from yesterday. Gabagool said this:

Mike will NEVER rag at Torre for this book.....ANd NOT because he likes Torre but BECAUSE (bank on this)Mike will, within the next 5 years write a tell all book about the M and MD show, all the dirty know...Maddog insanely jealousmaddog dumb as a box of rocksMike was hit on by every female employee at the station, but he turned them all downParcells and torre used to call him on a regular basis for stratagy tips.the chairs in the FAN studio were INCREDIBLY small, showing how cheap the station was.ANd because they were so cheap, he was VASTLY underpaid even though he turned down more national posts than he could rememberIt wasn't him who got the mike all greasy ever day, people just loved to make him the scapegoat.....envy, you know.

I thought it was genius and I didn't want it to get buried. Good looking gabagool.

***another guest post. Don't blame the hosts.


Loki said...

Mike would never write a book.

gabagool said...

He'd have it ghost written. And deny it. If he could read 470 pages in a night,he can hire someone to write one.

Loki said...

Mike realizes no one would buy it and read it, therefore he doesn't want to embarrass himself. How interesting of a book could that even be? You guys would actually buy it?

Anonymous said...

torre will be on with mad dog next week

gabagool said...

It was a joke man. Who the hell would want to by a book where every other page has a close up portait of Mike Francesca?


"Growing up good looking. One man's curse."

"I envy those who grow up without the curse of being really, really, really good looin.........."

Anonymous said...

Mike didn't read the whole book. I refuse to believe that. So much for Classy Joe.

Loki said...

Is anyone planning on going to any of the Joe Torre book signings this week? I might check out the one in Ridgewood, NJ. I only live about 30 minutes from the store.

Ryan T. said...

Wow guys. Dog gets Bruce Springstein as a guest on his show and not a peep about it. The guy was like a kid in a candy shop. Completely star struck.

bigjf said...

Torre will also be on with Mike this week. Another reason to not rip him. He's always loved Torre anyway. So did I, admittedly. I still do, but I don't regard him as the saint I once did. As for Torre not showing up in Queens, he's not doing anything on Long Island either, to my knowledge...

If Mike were to do a book like that, I'd actually read it for a good laugh. Dog's version would be funnier, though.