Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Contrarian

I'm a few hours behind today and was just able to watch Mike's open. Today Mike woke up in his Long Island home, kissed Roe as he left the bed, got in the shower and threw on his best contrarian outfit. On a day when the national media, the local media, and Jet fans everywhere are screaming for Mangini to be fired, Mike is not ready to go that route. Francesa is drawing a line in the sand. You are either with him or against him. He is harkening back to the days when he and Doggie did not want Tom Coughlin fired when everyone else wanted his head. And since that worked out Mikey's way, he is going to try and do that once again here. Just because the Jets are about to stage as epic a collapse as the New York Mets did with a Hall of Fame quaterback no less, Mike is not ready to hand the man his walking papers. Kind of funny though because he demanded the Mets had to change the manager or the core before heading into the new Stadium. Neither happened. But I digress. Despite Mangini's insane decision-making, Mike has decided that if the Jets play a solid game against Miami, then the head coach stays. Even if they don't make the playoffs. He's ready to hand out pink slips to the coordinators but not Mangini: "I think this week (against Miami) will tell you exactly where he is." Umm, shouldn't yesterday's game have told you exactly where he is? What more do you need Mikey? This is obviously just another one of those "Mike vs the world" moments, where he just can't align himself with everyone else. He's got his best contrarian dress on now and he's not going to be disappointed. So Gang Green fans. Prepare yourself for Mike's Save Mangini Campaign.


Anonymous said...

Francesa argued today that Mangini should be judged on the basis of the team's performance/effort vs. Miami - not on whether the team makes the playoffs or not. His logic? The team no longer controls its playoff chances, so it would be unfair/irrational to make playoff qualification the condition for Mangini's retention or firing.

Does this make any sense at all? Doesn't the fact that the team did was rolling and in control of its playoff chances a couple of weeks ago say something about the job Mangini has done? Is the team's performance of the past weeks now irrelevant? Why would the next game make a difference at all?

Sorry, Mike, the "logic" of your argument is airtight in only one way: you're working in a total vacuum.

AwesomeSean said...

I actually don't really disagree with Mangini keeping his job. I just arrive at that conclusion differently than Mike. Now, I happen to be a Giants fan so maybe I can't relate to Jets fans suffering here but it seems to me that keeping him is logical. Next year the teams changes. The QB is gone and the teams moves forward in a different direction. Why not let Mangini stay and see if he can lead this team with a new face? Personally, I think Mangini is a bad coach BUT he's been compromised all year in that the QB has more say than the coach. Let's see how he does when it's once again, "his team". The Jets front office, however, needs to explain why Gholston got drafter so high. This kid hasn't done a thing all year.

brian12566 said...

I agree with AweseomesSean. I think the Jets always make the wrong move. Time to break that pattern and show some patience with Mangini. Giants showed it with Coughlin that worked. Hell, Pittsburgh waited what, 10 years or so with Cowher. Giants and Steelers are classy organizations. Maybe the Jets should take a page from their books. Is Mangini type of guy that will learn from his mistakes, do things a bit differently next year? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify... I was taking exception to Mike's "logic," not arguing that Mangini ought to be fired.

I'm neutral here... I think Eric is bright enough (and certainly young enough) to grow and learn from this, and the org. would probably benefit from a more patient approach.

But again, Mike wants it both ways... and his "forceful" arguments are, as they so often have been, weak at best.

BiggieSmalls said...

whoa whoa whoa.. major policy shift at the show..

Mike just said Mike and the "Marquis" will be back for the super bowl definitely.

I remember when Dog left Mike said that feature would definitely be retired.

Wonder if getting Marquis Jet to sponsor the segment had anything to do with it?

And who wants to fly to the Super Bowl with Mike anyway?