Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"He doesn't know who the Yankees are!"

Apparently, Francesa's feelings have been hurt by C.C. Sabathia. The free agent pitcher has not bowed down at the feet of the great Yankees after they offered him a bunch of money. Francesa was appalled that they flew Reggie Jackson out there to court him. He's appalled at Cashman's feeble description of the negotiations.

"Get out of there. Don't act like this."

This is really not about the Yankees. This is about Mike. Mike doesn't like any challenges to things that he holds sacred. And he also doesn't like when people contradict his predictions and opinion. No doubt, Francesa thought that Sabathia would get all wet once the Yankees called. And when they didn't...

"Have a little pride, if you're Cashman. You're the Yankees! Act like it!"

What he's saying is that Sabathia has hurt his pride. And the Yankees should protect his pride by breaking negotiations off with him.

"I hope a lot that the Yankees don't get him. I don't want him. Get lost."

Now Mike might eat these words. Maybe CC will have a change of heart and sign with the Bronx Bombers. And then what will Mike do? Probably do the ole Favre turnaround. You remember when Mike and Chris complained about all the attention that Favre was getting when he was leaving the Packers? They called ESPN the Favre network. And as soon as Brett came to Broadway, Mike sidled up to him at training camp and sang his praises.

"He's made the Yankees look like fools."

Translation - He made me look like a fool.


awesomesean said...

How dare CC try and determine his real value? How dare he try and find his ideal situation? If Cashman did his job correctly, CC would pay the NYY for the opportunity to play with Jeets and pitch off the same bump as immortals like Pavano, Igewa and Farnsworth. As Lisa from Whitestone just ranted "I don't want him!". Well said, Lisa

gabagool said...

Now my day is ruined.

I have to agree with the slob. He's ragging at the Yanks. ANd I agree. Let him go holding NO purse, not a 140M purse from the Yanks.

gman26 said...

You never agree with Mike and this is when you do? Please Gaba. You zig and then you zag.

From Russo "This is a guy who the Yankees have to have." The point is will Yankee fans get over their bruised egos if Sabathia comes and wins 20 games? How many wins has Yankees arrogance won for them the last few years? How's that going? Awesomesean makes the best point. In the Stump Merrill era, were they concerned about 'acting' like Yankees?

Anonymous said...

watching Mike flip the script on Sabathia was the most memorable thing of his solo run..

Too bad Doggie wasnt there to rub it in.

Would LOVE To see some youtube moments of him proclaiming Sabathia as a LOCK followed by "I DONT WANT HIM"

bigjf said...

It would be incredibly stupid to pull the offer for Sabathia. I can't wait for him to sign with the Yanks and then call up Francesa and tell him to "stuff it." And Mike will make his typical 180 and kiss CC ample fanny.

41 said...

How can anyone turn down that kind of money in this economy? YES is going to get killed in 2009. I hate the Yankees, but Mike is right - this guy is an a-hole.

$140 million to lose to Josh Beckett twice at home.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!

So what he hasn't accepted the offer, this is business. It's called NEGOTIATING.

Like any of us he's trying to get the best possible situation for himself before he commits for the next 6-10 years of his life.

He wan't to play in the NL and ideally on the WC. If no other team comes up with an offer he can live with, THEN, he'll take the Yankee offer.

If an athlete goes for the money he gets bashed (A-Rod), if he doesn't he gets bashed (CC).

Baseball is a business, let's not make it perosnal. Grow up!

AwesomeSean said...

Preach on Anonymous! Mike, as usual, has it wrong. The NYY fanbase, as usual, has it wrong. CC, and anyone else who makes decisions based on what they think ultimately benefits them, has it right. Might be overplay his hand and miss out? Sure. Right now, though, that offer is not ideal. He's banking on someone coming close to the contract in an area he likes. Good for him. If he waits too long and loses tons of money, well, he'll have to live with that.

NYY fans are so ridiculous, it's frightening. They don't want him, not because they don't believe in his talent, but because he's not treating the organization with the proper reverence. I wish one of these knuckleheads would get on the phone, cite some numbers and data and explain that they don't want him because he's not as good as he'll be paid. I can get behind that. Complaining that he didn't take your money fast enough is silly.

Come to think of it, the way they're throwing themselves at him he probably thinks he can squeeze another $20M out of them before he signs.

Anonymous said...


bigjf said...

awesomesean had it absolutely right. The guy waited to get the best deal, and damn did he ever.