Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yesterday on this blog, most of us - including awesomesean, bigjf and the ever-present anonymous - opined what would happen if CC Sabathia signed with the Yankees after offending Yankee Nation with his apparent disinterest in a $140 million contract. With reports of CC Sabathia signing with the Yanks for $160 million, the worm has turned. I don't think anyone of us thought that Mike would get his comeuppance so quickly.

I turned off yesterday's show after awhile, but during my time listening there were a lot of people, Lisa from Whitestone especially, who called in and echoed Francesa's consternation at Sabathia's procrastination. Maybe later callers questioned Mike's intransigence on Sabathia, but the general feeling from callers was 'we don't want the best free agent lefty pitcher on the market because he hasn't respected our team.'

Well, that stance will be put to the test today. And of course, Yankee fans who listen to the FAN will probably take their cue from Mike. I guess. Francesa hopes there is traffic on his drive into the FAN, so he can mull this one over for awhile. He has to figure out how to spin it. I'm not good at predicting what he'll say, but I think he'll express muted anger at C.C. and then he will start to build A Bridge to Sabathia. After all, if it wasn't for the delayed negotiations, Francesa would have spent the next 4 months building up the legend of the big lefty. 'He misses bats. He eats up innings. etc, etc.'

Regardless of predictions, I think we all are anticipating the show today. Mike doesn't do contrite. Mike doesn't do 'I was wrong.' Mike doesn't forgive(he just conveniently forgets his grudges). So how long will this transition to Sabathia's posterior take place? He's got a lot of time until Spring Training. So I expect him to go slowly today. I think CC will be on probation with Mike for awhile. Mike will make Sabathia sweat for awhile. Not only will Sabathia have to win over New York, he'll have to earn Mike's respect. Good luck, CC.



Anonymous said...

To Our Gracious Hosts:

Thanks again for this piece of the blogosphere. Love to read the ideas and opinions of other long time listeners of this show. Onto your question, though...

I think Mike is going to praise CC for understanding the market and chastise the NYY for (potentially) overpaying this man. He'll forgive his lack of hustle in picking up $140M and commend him on his patience in turning $140M into $160M in less than a month. I suspect Cashman and the Steinbrenners will draw his ire today.

Then, he'll make a case for CC tipping the balance of power in the East and his pre-season predictions will reflect that as he'll have the NYY jump the Rays and sit just behind the Sawx.

I hope he can get Lisa from Whitestone on again. In fact, can't someone get Jerome back on the show?

BiggieSmalls said...

i think Mike acts as if yesterday never happened.

He will even go so far as to say he always knew that Sabathia was a "LOCK" to come to the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be great!

I've been thinking about this all morning.

How in the world does Mike spin this today?

Mike was off the wall yesterday and fit to be tied--- now less than 24 hours later he has to make sense out of all this.


Anonymous said...

Fatso will try and take credit for the signing by saying his show put the pressure on the Yankees and CC

bigjf said...

I blame myself, but I should've saw this coming. I heard talk earlier on ESPN about Joba possibly moving to the bullpen if the Yanks sign more pitchers. I should've known Mike would jump all over that possibility.

To Mike and the rest of them (I'm disappointed in you, Kurkjian), JOBA IS NOT GOING TO THE BULLPEN! He is a starter!

BiggieSmalls said...

what ever happened tot he "legends shows" which were supposed to be this week?

bigjf said...

And one thing about that opt-out clause in Sabathia's contract. Sure, it is in case he and his family don't like it in NY, but it also benefits the Yanks because if he becomes an injury problem or an a malcontent and if the fans and the media rip him to shreds, the Yanks get to save 4 years and nearly 100 million and spend it elsewhere. Who knows what the pitching market will look like following the 2011 season...It actually makes sense for BOTH SIDES to put opt-out clauses in these long-term, big money deals. Sabathia would be passing up on a lot of money, but at the same time he could find himself another damn good deal because he'd still be in his prime, though at the back end of it.

Anonymous said...

Bigjf, the opt-out clause is for Sabathia, not the Yanks.

So in 2 years, get ready to go thru "will he opt out" rumors all year long like Arod did last year.