Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mike Makes My Night

So I was sitting around thinking about tonight's football game between the Saints and the Bears. And actually I was bothered by the fact that I don't have any fantasy players on either team. I was annoyed at this fact because without fantasy players and not being a gambler, I didn't give a shit about tuning in tonight. At first, I was happy when I remembered there was a game being played in a few hours, but then realizing there was nothing at stake, I became somber recognizing there was no reason for me to even watch. But then, Mike Francesa uttered these words:

"This will be a VERY, VERY tough night for Mr. Brees and a very big night for the Tulane rookie (Matt Forte)."

Thank you Mike. Thank you very much. Now I have a reason to watch. Now I have a reason to care. I will be ready to go tonight on the NFL Network hoping for a big night for one Drew Brees and an awful one for Matt Forte...Thanks again Mike for providing my rooting interests for the evening.


Loki said...

What did you expect him to say? He won't just lay down at call it a shitty game. Then it wouldn't be worth talking about, and that in return fucks him over.

bigjf said...

This post just sounds mean, like you're just fighting Mike for the sake of it. Mike needs something more to talk about tomorrow than the possible acuisition of A.J. Burnett and the probable finalizing of the Cameron trade. It's a "Football Friday" and Mike needs to talk about tonight's game, so he needed to give it some hype. If you don't care about the game (and I don't), pull out some Pictionary or something?

gman26 said...

FTLT, you meanie.

I come into this argument biased. I went to Tulane and I had both Brees and Forte on my fantasy team. But I did not make the playoffs. So I will root for Forte and also the Saints because Tulane is in New Orleans.

Maybe Mike has money on the game. Or maybe he has Forte on his fantasy team and Brees is on his opponent's team.

Anonymous said...

Just to chime in..Mike says that the worst people in the world play fantasy football and we have no lives..But thats probably why he plays. And btw they i did not make the fantasy playoffs either nor do i have an saints or bears..


Anybody Alive Out There said...

I think Mike hates anything that was invented after 1990. He hates cell phones. He hates fantasy football. He hates any baseball statistics that he doesn't understand. He hates pitch counts. He hates pitchers who celebrate. He hates pornographic screen savers.

First Time, Long Time said... aint that I am being mean. Moreso, it's what Lt Weinberg once pointed out on this very same blog - the fact that Mike often speaks as if the outcomes of sports events are already predetermined...that there is no way the opposite of what he says can happen..and you would think after 20 years of sticking his foot in his mouth, he would learn better. I mean on Monday we heard about how CC Sabathia wasn't as great as everyone was making him out to be...then by Tuesday, Mike was talking about how much of a horse CC is. We learned last week from Mike how unstoppable Ball State and their QB was...Until they get stopped by Buffalo and the next Tom Brady turned the ball over 4 times...and then last night, Brees didn't have the greatest game, but he was decent...and Forte rushed the ball for 30 yards and got another 20+ yards receiving...far from a big game performance..

bigjf said...

Point taken FTLT and I don't disagree, but Mike was consistent in one thing with Sabathia in that he still lusts for Santana.