Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another's Man gain

quick update from the world of satellite...Russo started off his show gleefully. Why? Because his beloved Giants have entered the Sabathia fray. Dog was absolutely giddy. That would have been great to hear him say that sitting across from Mike, as Mike clenched his Diet Coke, stewing about the disrespect of the Yankees. But that ain't gonna happen. Instead, you read this short snippet and wipe the corners of your eyes as you remember the halcyon days.


Anonymous said...

God i wish i had Sirius. Dog must be having a blast with these CC negotiations with the Yanks

KBilly said...

Actually, Dog is having a field day with K-Rod right now.

Rock said...


Feel free to use the following account at sirius.com to listen to russo online:

Name: drewsefransky
password: 271199

I want everybody to listen to Russo. It's first come first serve for that account so......


bigjf said...

If you enjoyed him yesterday, wait until today when he does a complete 180. Mike should be fun too because now he either has to follow through on yesterday's point about Sabathia or turn around and kiss his ass...or do what he probably will do, and just ignore yesterday's point altogether.