Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sinking Ships that are NY Baseball

I already know callers today and fans of both teams are gonna set it up on tee for Mike. Both teams had bad performances yesterday and fans will complain all day. Clutch, expensive, obstructed views and despair will be all the rage for today. Don't do it, I implore you. The season is young and both teams, probably, will be fine. I mean, I hope the Yankees won't be fine but that's wishful thinking.

Now, I am not a major stat head. I don't wish that baseball games were played on a computer. I do like watching games and I do like going to games, eating hot dogs etc. That said, I wanted to lay out some quick numbers so we know that Mike's rhetoric is wrong. The first 10% of the baseball season is a small sample size and there is a good chance that they don't tell the whole story. So, here we go:

On the Mets being a sub-.500 team:

Mets Runs: 61 Mets Runs Allowed: 60

Outscoring your opponent will typically result in wins. Just saying.

Mets Don't Hit with RISP:

Mets OPS: .767 Mets OPS w/RISP: .792

NYY are "clutch":

NYY OPS: .767 NYY OPS w/RISP: .747

For comparison purposes, here is the LAD:

LAD OPS: .861 LAD OPS w/RISP .792

So, you see, the early numbers mean little, if anything. In fact, it seems as though the Mets are "clutch" and the others are not. Don't let Mike get away with his falsehoods today. The Mets have had some bad luck and haven't played very good defense. Hitting and pitching, while not ideal, have been pretty close to average, hence the 2 under .500 record.


AwesomeSean said...

Edit - Since I am really, really dumb I forgot that the Mets are on this afternoon. I guess people won't call up to complain until around 4:30 - 5:00 PM. Be patient. It will still happen.

Jason said...

the pope, you are not.


Anonymous said...

As a die hard Met fan and Yankee watcher I have to respectfully disagree Sean.

The Mets are playing like they did towards the end of the last 2 seasons. No emotion, poor defense, lack of clutch hits, and between Santana starts their pitching is just awful(and that is being kind).

The only bright spot is the bullpen and although it is very early in the season Manuels laid back "Grady Sanford on Pot" attitude needs to change in order to light a fire under his under acheiving team.

The Yankees on the other hand are doing exactly what they need to do. They are pulling games out that the Mets would lose and they are staying in contention just waiting for A-Rods return.

Of course A-Rod will have his great April/May but it will be in June/July, but aside from his ability everyone knows that he will eventually bring his Cancer into the clubhouse possibly destroying the Yanks chances in the fall.

The Yankees problems are also easily fixed by making some pitching moves via Triple A and moving Jaba to the bullpen.

I'm a bit concerned that the Mets issues may be too numerous to fix.

That being said I hope Fatso does'nt start with his bullshit again(he's actually been defending David Wright lately)but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

PS-- No matter what Fat Mike says-- the core still is'nt the Mets biggest problem.


Brian said...

I'm not sure if "Mr. T" was on that over/under post from a few weeks back but he definitely went over in that interview alone.

Everybody knows who you're having the interview with Mike. There's no need to say Mr. T after every single question.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Haha haven't been able to listen in a while but I can just imagine Mike saying Mr. T about 13 times in a 10 minute interview and it sickens me

Anonymous said...

Jesus, this blog is awful. I'm going to Mets blog for my propaganda...