Monday, April 13, 2009

Mike Hearts Phil; Mike from Montclair Hearts Himself

I don't know if I ever realized exactly how much Mike loves Phil Mickelson. He was honestly distraught about the water and the missed eagle putt on the back nine. He wants to shake Phil, hug Phil and give him the Robin Williams/Matt Damon treatment from "Good Will Hunting." I think it's touching. Or, maybe it's creepy. Either way, I hope Bronson or Manny don't get too jealous. The opening stuff about Citi field was boring but the 2nd segment about the Masters was riveting. Until, M from M emerged. This guy is unreal. First, he always allows for a pause after he's introduced and before he opens his stupid mouth. It should be fair warning to quick, turn the station but I am a masochist so I stay. Maybe the pause is so he can record the call for his ever-growing audition tape? Then, he never greets the host. Just launches into his nonsense. Who does this guy think he is? Just from listening to him I know he reads Lupica and watches the Sports Reporters while slowly nodding his head as the rest of us wait, impatiently, for Lupica to shut up. He has this pompous, arrogant air about him when he talks about cut shots into the green or the prices of tickets at Brooklyn Cyclones games. I wonder how many times he's had his life threatened at some stupid cocktail party?


Anonymous said...

I actually like M from M (and no, this is not him).

Anonymous said...

I agree, M from M is the only caller that can put Franseco in his place. (No I am not him either)

Jason said...

did anyone catch this on the fan? this mustve been awesome. jj putz is the man!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Jason and it was great. Fatman was all flustered.
Props to J.J.

AwesomeSean said...

Nice link Jason...Truly classic and wish I'd heard it live. Gotta think over the years Mike disparaged him somewhat during comparisons to Mo, etc.

Surprised to see all the M from M fans out there. He gets leeway from Mike and I suppose it makes for interesting radio but I think he still comes off as entitled and smug. Two characteristics that suck. Like him.

Jason said...

i was thinking maybe wright or churchie gave him the heads up or something. the entire team must not like him because it seems fatso has the hardest time finding guests when he does met-specific shows.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a fan of M from M.

Why? He is just like Francesa!!! They are one in the same. I also like the fact that Mike has met his match and no longer challenges M from M. I enjoy seeing Fatso get a taste of his own ignorance and smugness.

I'm watching Mike on YES right now and of course his show has been all about bashing the Mets and I'm hoping to see a thread started about it.

He now is taking calls from fans upset with the new ballpark.

Hopefully Mike will give equal time to the Yankees and their new pitching staff(Swisher).


Anonymous said...

Mike from Montclair is a radio talkshow host from WABC in NY. Listen and you will know who it is.