Friday, April 3, 2009

Mike'd Off?

Hard to imagine that the big man would give up one of his "#1 rated shows" but this from Neil Best:

TV version of 'Mike'd Up' might be entering final months

Len Berman's departure might not be the end of the changes in the Channel 4 sports landscape.

A TV industry source familiar with the station said Mike Francesa is considering giving up his Sunday night "Mike'd Up" show effective this summer.

The problem is not ratings or money but rather - at least in part - the day-long grind of football Sundays for Francesa, who has a syndicated Sunday morning radio show during the season. He has been doing double duty since the TV show debuted in 2003.

What are the odds of the Sunday night program surviving into the 2009 NFL season? Perhaps 50-50.


Anonymous said...

One of the few things I gave Mike credit for was his work during football season especially on Sundays. The FatOne put in a long day.

I hardly ever had the chance to watch Miked up so I certainly won't miss it.

If Mike uses the extra time to spend with his family and enjoy his huge paycheck than good for him.


AwesomeSean said...

I never understood who was watching that show. I mean, football Sunday nowadays is a grind. You get up, check the paper, listen to WFAN/ESPN while going to Mass/get beer and stuff, go home, put in the 1:00 PM action and spend the rest of the day drinking the beer, sweating the games, making dinner and playing with the kids. By the time the ESPN game comes on, I'm beat. So, who the f*ck is watching Mike'D Up?

Loki said...

I will only watch that show during the baseball season. Typically there is NOTHING on late Sunday nights, so I can just turn it on for a quick 15 minutes and then just go to sleep.

I like it because most of the time it is just straight analysis without the typical Mike Francesca bullshit to go along. Occasionally he will have some interesting guests on.

Something tells me this is about money though. Berman is being let go, and although NBC is not paying Mike nearly as much, his show is not a necessity for the network. And we all know Mike would not be willing to take a pay cut..

gman26 said...

For those of you that complain we don't do enough Dog stuff, I just went head to head with him. He got angry with me and hung up on me. He later apologized for getting angry at me but said that was because I told him he doesn't have a football team. Which is true. He yelled, "Jay Cutler can't play on my team!" So I said you don't have a team, so what does it matter?

drh277 said...

Gman I was listening and was so happy, doggy also said that you got him fired up because of what you said. Well played sir, well played.

Brian said... were right though!! Orando Pace is a 5 time all-pro not 3 like what dog said. I'm on hold right now and I'm gonna set it straight

AwesomeSean said...

GMan - Can you paraphrase the topic before your call, describe your call and the subsequent reactions? That's so badass that he hung up on you!

drh277 said...

He is still talking about it!! Now he is really freakin out, I love it!

Brian said...

OK to sum up Gman called up and accused Dog of not having a football team that he roots for. He also plugged the blog. Dog got a little riled up and said something about not wanting the Giants to get Barry Bonds. Not sure how that's relevant.

GMan made an argument for Orlando Pace as a hall of famer. Dog asked Gman how many all pros Pace had and GMan said 5. Dog went crazy on GMan and yelled that Pace only has three all-pros and then screamed "Go blog about that" and hung up on Gman.

I was sitting at my computer and looked up Pace's all-pros. Every source I checked says that he has 5 all-pros. So I call up and tell Dog that he needs to check his information. About ten minutes later he says that Pace has three first team all-pros and two second team all-pros. According to Dog, 2nd team all-pros do not count as all-pros in his book, therefore I am wrong and he is right.