Monday, April 6, 2009

Professuhh Francesauhh

Mike Francesa 5:29PM: "They're very different stadiums"

Gman pointed this out to me last week and he couldn't have been more on the money. Mike is going to use this phrase about 1,000 times this year comparing the two new ballparks. The professor told us that one is majestic, while the other is cozy. Mikey hasn't seen enough of each park yet to fully give his verdict. But "they're different stadiums." Mike did note that the Mets "tricked" up their field, by raising the height of the walls and the little angle in right center. The Yanks of course would never do such a thing. Mike hasn't watched a Yanks game on TV, so he can't get too crazy about the problem with the nets at Yankee Stadium. The professor did tell us that the Bombers did build a separate media entrance, while the Mets did not. But according to Mike, the fans don't care about that. Apparently Mike does though because he felt the need to mention it (now he doesn't have to interact with the masses when he enters the park). But listening to Mike try to politically balance describing the two Stadiums, you can't stop but think he considers himself THE final voice on the matter. He will continue to hold court all season long and once he has gathered all the research, he will issue his final verdict. After all, he is professuh Francesauhh.


AwesomeSean said...

FTLT...Besides horse talk nothing is less interesting to me than Mike's review of any stadium. The blow by blow with the Mets guy on Friday was nap inducing. The only thing keeping me up was trying to keep track of how many times Mike got the guy's name wrong. That was a pretty fun game.

I listened to Kay's monologue today and his shameless cross promotion is something else. Sportswriters from around the city weren't in love with the new Yankee Stadium. According to Kay, if you don't love it, you're just a negative person. Of course. He doesn't editorialize on any of his shows. It's constant lobbying on behalf of his two employers. What a boring life.

KBilly said...

Did Mike comment on the bathrooms? I know he USED to use the isolated media bathroom, because his fat ass can't fit on a standard toilet. But If I recall the bathrooms were his big beef with the Jerome Ave stadium.

Loki said...

I swear to god that net is going to drive me nuts. They're going to have to do something 'bout it!

41 said...

Mike spent the entire monologue today killing the fans who were happy the Mets won. Opening days are only one game when the Yankees lose. When they win, it sets the tone for the whole season.

bigjf said...

It was annoying to hear Mike brush aside the YES netting issue, just because he hadn't watched either exhibition game. I find that kind of odd, considering the first event at a new venue would seem to be worth watching to the "#1 New York Sports Authority." Anyone see that commercial on YES? Video all over the city of Mike spewing his ego, while everyone just walks around, not caring.

But back to the netting issue, Mike, you're broadcasting on the YES network! You have highlites of the games at your disposal from Victor and the boys. Have him show you some of those shots, why don't you? I'm just guessing YES wouldn't oblige in this case because they don't welcome open criticism, no matter how legitimate it may be. But the fact is the exhibition games were meant to be test runs so that adjustments could be made by the season opener. One of several adjustments the Yanks need to make is to get a better shot for YES. It's the team's network! How could they not cater the new stadium to have nothing short of glorious looking camera angles for YES?!!!

Unless they've fixed this, I fully expect Mike to jump on the issue the week after the home opener, or maybe even by that Friday, the 17th. Of course, this will be some two weeks after his listeners first brought it up, but it won't matter until Tubby is sufficiently irked by it. Only when the master's viewing experience is affected is it worth being deemed an official issue.