Monday, April 6, 2009

The Real Enemy

Many of us that comment on this site complain about various radio personalities. Most of us complain about Mike, some about Joe and Evan and Michael Kay has recently generated some buzz. It's a simple matter of taste and we all get a chance to vent about who we don't like and defend or promote who we do like.

I'd like to throw another name to the slaughter: Wayne Hagin

Did the Mets get a discount on him? Was it a dare? What in the world were they thinking with this guy? Say what you will about Sterling and Waldman, they ain't this bad. I mean, Sterling botches a few calls per game and Waldman, well, she is who she is but at least Sterling is entertaining. Especially when they NYY are struggling he's a laugh riot. Wayne Hagin has none of that. Annoying voice, boring etc. He makes Howie Rose seem like the coolest guy on the planet.

Some people watch college hoops games with Vitale muted. I think Hagin is the only radio announcer that makes the masses scurry to Yahoo Gamechannel even on Opening F*cking Day.

Update: CC has a nice line in the 4th. I especially like the 0 K's. Oh baby! Just got inning ending DP. Damn.


First Time, Long Time said...

Hagin is awful...not sure what the hell they were thinking with that move...

Lucky777 said...

Off topic, but no where else to post it: Anyone have an update on Max Kellerman's situation?