Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today I am starting a new segment on this blog called WTFC (Who The F*%& Cares). This segment will be devoted to portions of the show where Mike delves into topics that need no delving. So today with the start of the baseball season on the horizon, Francesa opens the show with the following topics:

The Knicks situation: Mike is angry with the Knickerbockers because they might not reach his magic number of wins that he predicted. So he wants Harrington, Robinson and Lee gone. They're not worth a penny in Mike's eyes.

The Hornets trying to win 7 more games: Again, Mike is obsessed with a team because he wants them to reach his predicted fate for them. He's making excuses for how banged up they are, but leading with them seems appropriate to him.

Baylor's NIT run: Mike is impressed that they won an 11AM game on the road and he finds them to be a fascinating story to watch as the NIT continues.

Calipari's coaching decision: While this is big national news, WTFC cares right now about this here in New York.

Georgia is after the Missouri coach: The fact that Mike even mentioned this in the open of the show is mind boggling. Georgia is after the Missouri coach? WTFC!!!!!

Calhoun will be on the show: Mike felt the need to address the callers who have apparently been asking when Jimmy was gonna be on the air again. Mike informs us that today is the day. Anyone else sick of the Calhoun spots? What new are we going to learn today? These are becoming the Jon Heyman spots of the baseball season.

Mike closed the open teasing some baseball talk later today but for me, who the f*&% cared about that open?


AwesomeSean said...

I missed the open but I don't care about any of those topics. Not to worry, though. Tuned into hear him argue Schilling v Blylevan which is also something I don't care about.

Can anyone tell me if he's touched on the NYY lifting the beer ban in the bleachers? Has the outrage from the callers started? Has he had Cashman on yet to state that this has nothing to do with decreased revenues? This is something I'd be interested in hearing.

Loki said...

I want to hear baseball and only baseball. This is why Kay is so much better than Francesa. Instead of listening to Fat shit yap about the the arenas where the tournament games are played, I can switch over to 1050 and hear Mike and Don debate Girardi's decision to give Gardner the starting CF job. Kay's reactions and responses to callers are so much better, which make listening his show that much easier.

AwesomeSean said...


Kay is terrible and Donnie Pucks is way worse. Plus, I heard them both whining and complaining about Calipari and his commitment to his players, blah, blah, blah. They spend plenty of time on bullsh*t, just like Mike. Only difference is that they're actually worse. And that 80% of their guests are employees of the WWL. Their show sucks.

Rob NY said...

Kay's show > Mike'd Up Trainwreck on the FAN.

Georgia being after Missouri's football coach, are you serious? Who does this guy think he is Chris Russo now?

At this stage of the year WTFC about NIT basketball and college football? I know things are slow but isn't the big guy's job supposed to be bringing up INTERESTING topics? If I wanted to listen to pointless nonsense I'd put on ESPNews.

Loki said...

AwesomeSean, at this point I could care less what they both talk about. It is just Mike's demeanor and attitude that really gets to me and turns me away.

Plus no one has ever said why Kay is bad or even worse than Francesa. They just say it. There is plenty of proof that points to why a lot of people hate Francesa, but not so much with Kay (or at least no one here, including yourself, bother to explain). Either way, despite your feelings about Kay I still enjoy him way more.