Tuesday, March 31, 2009


With the season upon us, it's time for our special version of Over/Under. The following are statements Mike is bound to make this baseball season accompanied by our official Mikeandthemadblog over/under line on how many times Francesa will make each remark:

- David Wright is not clutch (Over/Under: 12 mentions)
- Says 'We're back'(using a rough formula 52 weeks in a year minus the whole summer equals 40. 5 shows a week, 10 times a day = Over/Under 2,000 mentions)
- Notes how Yankees Stadium and Citi Field are 'different' (Over/Under: 80 mentions)
- Talks about trading for Nate McLouth (Over/Under: 25 mentions)
- Insists that Joba would be better in the bullpen (Over/Under: 31 mentions)
- Calls out Jose Reyes for his excessive celebrations (Over/Under: 51 mentions)
- Uses the words "Talk to me in August" to describe an early contender that he doesn't take serious (Over/Under: 63 mentions)
- Uses the words "The Great" before saying Mariano's name (Over/Under: 29 mentions)
- References Arod's MVP season from 2 years ago when a caller compains that Arod has been a disappointment (Over/Under: 7 mentions)

Okay, we now open the betting to you. Give us your picks on where Mike will end up on these over/unders. Or just add your own to the list....


Loki said...

I guess no one really likes this post...

Brian said...

He is driving me crazy today. He keeps saying "The Georgia Quarterback" instead of saying the guy's name. Mike, the Georgia quarterback has a name, it's Matthew Stafford. It's like he's playing a drinking game where he's not allowed to say anybody's name.

The WFAN afternoon radio host has been a real dick to the callers so far this afternoon.

gman26 said...

LOL to both Loki and Brian. Loki, I was thinking the same thing and was going to give FTLT a hard time about it. But since I added a few of them, I can't say anything. Who is it that goes crazy about 'we're back'? I could have sworn someone would have commented on that.

Brian - Just like he says, 'the Kid', we could call him the 'old fat guy'. But I guess people already do that. And who am I to talk? I've started calling that guy on American Idol, 'the blind guy' and said last night 'this certainly is the last week for weird girl.'

First Time, Long Time said...

anyone else hear the casey interview where mike tried to throw out his baseball credentials by mentioning that he played high school ball...yeah mikey, now casey respects you.

Lucky777 said...

The "We're back" has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. We're not back, you're going to a commercial, so We'll BE back. I'll definitely take the over in that one!