Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness; Laziness

I have not had a chance to listen to Mike all week. I am going to try and tune into his opening in a few and see what he has to say on the state of all things. I mean, he's got college hoops, baseball, Obama and Leno, AIG bonuses etc, etc. to go after today. Where will he start?

So, who does he like in the tourney? Has he predicted his Final Four? I know he's got a little ammo today to go after the Big Ten as the Hilltoppers shocked the Illini. College hoops are not my forte but here is my Final Four anyway: Louisville, Memphis, 'Nova and UNC. Got Memphis and UNC in the final with Memphis finishing what they started last year.

Anyone else feel like posting Final Four picks? Let's hear 'em!


gman26 said...

Sean - you are awesome but you need to lay off the crack. It's whack, yo. Memphis will not go anywhere near Detroit this year. And if they do, I can guarantee that they will not cut down the nets. But hey. I could be wrong.

AwesomeSean said...

Yeah, you're probably right. Who are your Final Four picks?

Listening to Mike right now it looks like I missed the boat on ETSU. Spirited effort, Pitt with lots of turnovers, Jamie Dixon must be concerned...Blah, blah, blah. How many ways can one say a team is having a bad day? I think Mike's gonna try and break that record today. Stay tuned.

gman26 said...

Uconn, UNC, Villanova and Michigan St. I'm a UNC fan, but I think UConn might do it. The last time they won, they came out of the West.

I initially had Pitt going to the Final Four. As much as I hate to admit it, after I listened to Mike, I only have them going two games. He said that Pitt doesn't have the pedigree. He's right. If your money is on Pitt in the brackets then you're betting on this being a 'breakthrough' year.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Luckily for me all favs looking strong so far. I caught Mike's show last night and he was in full repeat mode on Pitt again. Was very proud of highlighting the juxtaposition of Pitt's struggle in Rd 2 with that of Louisville. He said in about 4 different ways that Louisville will emerge stronger because of that challenge from Sienna while Pitt will come out worried and with very little confidence. Could be correct. My Pitt in the final game against Louisville has me a little nervous. And while I have Nova over Duke I'm having second thoughts there.

AwesomeSean said...

Whatdoyouhave? - My 1st round performance was surprisingly reasonable. 2nd round was disastrous. I have 8/16 teams left although Final Four is intact. Still have no idea if Mike's picks can be mocked. Anyone know what they are?