Friday, March 27, 2009


A couple commenters here have brought up Mike's annoying use of the word "tre" today. Francesa has a bag full of these phrases that he uses to make him sound...well I'm not entirely sure what to make him sound. But those who listen to Francesa knows he loves these terms. So I was trying to think about a list of the most annoying Mike-Isms. Here's a couple:

- Tre (to describe a three)
- Mr. T
- The Kid, the quaterback, the shortstop (any of these in which Francesa wont actually name the player)
- Omahhh (not really an ism, but hate the way he pronounces Minaya's first name)
- Mr. Met (for Bob Heussler)

Okay, time for your additions. What Mike-isms drive you crazy?


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it qualifies as an "ism" but Mike drove me nuts last fall with his term the "core" when describing his wish to break up the Mets lineup.

Of course his pornunciation of the word without an "R" is what really got under my skin.


Brian said...

This might only bother me, but when he talks about a group of fans he always refers to them as just one single fan.

For example: The Yankee fan doesn't wanna pay $300 a game for these season tickets. It's a group of people but he says "The Yankee fan" instead of "Yankee fans".

AwesomeSean said...

"Point of the matter..."

It's incessant and it drives me batty. Also, he and Chris used to take turns playing around with "irregardless"

That was always fun.

First Time, Long Time said...

Brian...funny that drives me crazy too but for a totally different reason. I hate how he says stuff like "the yankee fan" as if he is lumping ALL yankee fans into the statement he is about to say. Some yankee fans are different than others. they dont all agree on the same things.

Whatdoyouhave? said...

Brian, great call. He just said similar to Jay Wright and always does this- "You beat a Duke team...."

He'll say "I like a Connecticut, or a Louisville, or a Pittsburgh"

No - you like Connecticut, Louisville and Pittsburgh

Brian said...

How about before he goes to break he says "We're back"

No Mike, you're not back. The break is just starting. You can say that after the break, not before.

I know that "We're back" is supposed to be short for "We're back after this", but when you shorten something to the point that it means the exact opposite of what you're trying to say, you've gone too far.

gman26 said...

Great post. I wish I had a bunch of Francesisms, but he has so many. And he's very versatile in using them. In fact, he will come up with a phrase early on and repeat it up to 10 times within a few minutes. The other day with the whole ticket situation, he kept on saying, "I understand what's going on." like 5 times in a minute. He gets a little Ray Babbit every now and then.