Saturday, August 16, 2008


While you were sleeping in a bed of tears, a few New York writers were not necessarily feeling your pain. Phil Mushnick found the whole final show just another chance for Francesca to flaunt his healthy ego.

The Post is also declaring that this was all about the benjamins and that Russo's ego could not deal with being paid less than Mike. Interesting because this follows what Neil Best said in our exclusive interview, that WFAN viewed Francesca as the more valuable property. Sirius waved the money and perhaps the all important "respect" card and got their man.

Neil Best has a summary of Friday's finale:,0,1825479.story

The Daily News has very little interesting to add:


Anonymous said...

Mushnick wrote something negative about the program? No way!!!

gabagool said...

That Mushnick is a SMART man.

That last show was NOTHING but an opportunity for Orca to blow his own horn. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Well said Gabagool!

Mike seemed to enjoy the opportunity to put the Mike and the Mad Dog show to rest and put it in "the archives" while at the same time thinking out loud about "HIS" new show and how he will set it up his way.


KBilly said...

Chris Russo, the Mad Dog of radio's "Mike and the Mad Dog," admitted today he'd been plotting his exodus from WFAN for the last five months, saying he needed a new challenge after 19 years of barking about sports with co-host Mike Francesa.

"I'd been thinking about leaving since early March. Challenge is the key word here," he told The Post in front of his Jersey Shore retreat in Mantoloking.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe for a second that Mike isn't ecstatic that Dog is gone. He is an egotistical prick who doesn't think he needs a partner. As he said, he now has the most valuable real estate (?) in radio all to himself; he'll put up a hell of a fight before someone like Carlin or Evan Roberts horns in on his action.

Johnny said...

A new challenge. Leaving landline radio for satellite radio is not a good thing, is it? Howard Stern has become irrelevant today. Yes, he's making $$$ and can say whatever he wants, but his show is no longer relevant, nobody discusses it anymore.

I feel the same will happen to Doggie. I was hoping that Doggie would go over to 1050 and take Mike on head-to-head. Not sure if Doggie and Kay could work together, but having Dog on from say 2 to 6 on 1050 would be fun. I like Kay, but to me, he is spreading himself too thin. He works for YES, does Yankee games, so there is no way he can watch an NBA playoff game when the Yanks are playing a night game.

Now, Dog is joining Sirius, but what the heck is he going to talkb about? On the national scene, it is all about football, both pro and college. He loves baseball, and the only cities that are baseball first are probably New York, Boston and St. Louis. Did I miss any? The guy in Omaha is not goign to listen to Doggie talk about the American League Division Series when the Huskers are playing Oklahoma State and the NFL is in full swing.

Dog should have gone to national ESPN Radio. Yes, he has knocked ESPN for being too buddy-buddy with the athlets, but he could have been the one guy who didn't do that. How about Dog from 1 to 5 on ESPN Radio.

Tirico and Van Pelt are awful. Tirico gives you nothing as sports talk host. He's good on play-by-play, but is afraid to get off the fence. Doggie could have followed Cowherd at 1 and gone against Mike head to head in New York City.

Now, he's on Sirius, and I don't think anybody will care. Sad.

First Time, Long Time said...

Johnny...I am pretty sure that WFAN would not allow Dog out of his contract if he went to ESPN Radio..its a non-compete clause

gabagool said...

Van Pelt IS AWFUL. Hes an asshole. I worked with him so I had the "pleasure" of working with a tall, skinny, bald version of MF.

This isn't about challenge. Its about cash. How the hell does 200 grand make a difference when you make over a million?

A challenge for Maddog is chewing gum and walking at the same time.